Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ALS - Ice Bucket Challenge Complete

I've been so lazy with my outfits lately. I seem to be wearing the same 5 things to work...rotate and repeat. I'm ready for fall and some other clothes that include long sleeves. I feel like half of my closet is getting ignored.

For some reason this outfit makes me look super short? The skirt is on the shorter side, so it's weird that it look so long in this picture. Weird. Perhaps it's the jacket. I should have taken some pictures without the jacket. Yes look closely at the pictures, I need a different jacket/sweater something else. Actually most of the day I didn't wear it, so I'm not sure why I decided to wear it for the pictures.

Side note: I love the leopard shoes, it's so something I would have NEVER done prior to the Spring and Summer Challenges, so thank you Alison for that! Looking forward to the Fall Challenge, they are currently in the middle of the Work Wear Challenge, I decided to give my pocket book a break, so I'll be joining back up in the Fall.

So Mr. has my computer up and running, yay! He really hooked me up, bought me a new hard drive, a new laptop battery (you know you need a new one,when you keep getting a reminder from your computer to consider replacing your battery), and a bunch of flash drives as another form of back up. So I was going to post this yesterday, but couldn't because I didn't have access to my computer till last night, so I thought I'd post it today.

I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge and wasn't sure if I would participate. But after reading this lady's story, I felt like I need to bring some awareness to the cause. She has no idea who I am, or that I am talking about her, but her husband has ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) since 2011, this is his story.

We donated to and did the challenge for fun. Let's ride this 15 minutes of fame to get as much awareness out there as possible and hope that one day those with ALS will suffer a little less and will be able to live normal lives.

Here's mine

And Mr. and Baby Fox's

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  1. Yay for doing the ice bucket challenge! I think it is great that they are getting so much awareness right now.

  2. What a cute outfit! Those leopard shoes looks nice! That's great that you did the ALS challenge! All my friends seem to be doing it too. I heard people are starting to forget what it's really for (some people are not donating and doing it just for the fun of it). I hope people are still donating for the cause!