Monday, January 19, 2015

Full Weekend

Three day weekend here! Woo hoo, nope I don't get today off, my work is stingy like that. Friday was one of my off Fridays. Yay, I'm so thankful for every other Friday off.

Friday morning I cut up some pineapple, after I was done Baby Fox said, Mommy take a picture of me with the pineapple. I was getting ready to take it he says, wait, Blankie wants to be in it too. I asked him who he wanted to send it to, he said his friend M.

I finished that whole thing over the weekend, no one had any of it except least it was healthy?
After I dropped off Baby Fox at school we headed over to M's house to help his mommy prep some of his birthday party stuff.

Mini Fox wanted to join in on the fun of making the gift bags, actually I should say gift solo cups.

Aren't these the cutest? They are mini solo cups...actually if you want to get technical, they are disposable solo cups. Perfect for Mini Fox. Cheers!

A little Frozen for the kids. Love this picture!

We picked up Baby Fox from school and headed out for a few errands. I bought him some nunchucks at Daiso (have you been to one? It's a Japanese store and everything in the store is $1.50, they have the BEST stuff in there!)

Baby Fox told me this is how you store nunchucks when you are walking

Easy access for taking the bad guys down.

After nap time I took Mini Fox to pick up a bike helmet from a friend (forgot to take a picture, but she loved it, she wanted to take it everywhere we went this weekend). On our way home we stopped at Costco for some gas. I couldn't believe the price...awesome!

Then to make our Costco trip even more awesome, I decided if I got down this isle and get a spot then we'll go in, if not we'll just keep driving and go home (I was on the fence about going in, as you can tell). But then we got the very first spot, that's NEVER happened. I bought a lot of meat and a lot of berries...when I got home Mr. said, I didn't realize we needed so much meat, lol. Oops.

My big girl in the cart, she didn't even notice I was on the other side of the conveyor belt. 

Saturday I took Baby Fox to get his hair cut. He played video games for the first time, he was in hog heaven.

After we got back we headed to M's birthday party and Chuck E Cheese's. 

This is what I helped make on Friday.

Mini Fox took down a slice of pizza...with 4 teeth. Okay not really, I tore pieces off for her, but she thought she could eat it like this.

Mr and I had a basketball showdown...I got schooled.

Baby and Mini Fox played some games.

She was obsessed with all the games that you could drive, this green game didn't even work, she just liked sitting there.

This one made a honking noise when you pushed the button, she loved that.

The birthday boy got to go in this ticket blower and get all the tickets he could, although he was feeling shy so Daddy helped him out.

Mini Fox pretty much loved Chuck E Cheese...I find him creepy, but hey I'm not 1.

Baby Fox ate just the fondant icing...gross right? He loved it.

M and Baby Fox are just a month apart.

Do you see Baby Fox's outfit, guess who dressed him? We tried to talk him out of it, saying, are you sure you like that together, go look in the mirror, he insisted that he went together, well alright then, who am I to argue?

Of course it wouldn't be a Fox weekend without more going on in the same day. We had some friends come over for some dinner. Same friends as the other weekend, same food, different house :)

The leader of the band, taking after her Mama.

Sunday was swim lessons, the first time since July? It's been a while, but we figure we want to start now before everyone wants lessons and it's hard to get the time we want.

Baby Fox did AMAZING, before he would cry at the start of EVERY lesson, this time, he was a champ, listened to the teacher and did great. The other student was a friend of ours, so at least they knew each other. That probably helped.

Back floats

Baby Fox holds on to the teacher while the other student gets some instruction

More back floating

Some unders

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mini Fox were in another pool getting some Parent and Me lesssons. She did great too!

After swim lessons we headed to Starbucks becasue we're big suckers and Baby Fox wanted a cake pop. We ran into a friend we met at O's birthday party. He invited us to go to the Great Park and do a kids gardening thing. We weren't doing anything, so why not?

He planted a flower bulb.

Dug up some worms

You know nothing says farmer like a Starbucks in one hand and a worm in the other (farmers everywhere are cringing as we speak)

We fed the chickens so at least they got some food.

Then we headed over to the hot air balloon. Wow it was amazing!

This is the balloon coming down from the ride before us
 Waiting for our turn. Baby Fox is holding up his ticket.

What else do kids to then climb on a fence?

Finally made it, waiting to go up!

She thought she would be a better "pilot" I think differently.

400ft up

Such a random trip, but so much fun! Great way to end the weekend.

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  1. So much fun in one weekend!! Love that you have every other Friday off!!

  2. Baby Fox's outfit brought a smile to my face. My son likes to pick out his clothes himself and would often match plaid with plaid :) He just loves it, lol!