Monday, January 26, 2015

I Had the Flu and Lived to Tell About It

Okay, so that post title is dramatic, but it's Monday morning and I'm alive! Friday I got Tamaflu and I really do think it helped! Whether it is just in my head or it actually worked, I don't care, worth it! I'm not 100% but I'm mostly there, a few more days and I hope to be back at the gym doing my thing (my normal gym days are Monday and Wednesday), and I try to sneak in a run on Friday's after work with the kids.

Not a lot happened this weekend because of the flu. But here are a few pictures I did manage to snap.

While I was on the couch sick Baby Fox went to the beach.

Computer was down on Thursday, so I thought I would get some computer/picture/blogging stuff done while I was out sick, but since it didn't work, I did my nails instead.

When Baby Fox got back he brought me a flower to wear behind my ear, actually he brought two, one of each ear.

Mini Fox thought putting this basket on her head and walking around was the funniest thing ever.

Friday my parents came to help out with the kids since Mr. was going to get home late. Baby Fox wanted to give Mini Fox a ride.

Saturday morning Mr. took Baby Fox on a bike ride/the park to let me get some rest while Mini Fox took her morning nap.

Before naptime we went outside for some baseball. Baby Fox was rocking it.

Mini Fox got some sun in while watching the boys

Not really, she climbed up here and sat there barely long enough for me to snap this picture and then she was on the move again
 She wanted to try and hit some balls too, then realized the bat was bigger then her...

Baby Fox got in some gardening after his baseball session

And guess who forgot Winter? Yep all of our flowers started blooming. Sorry East Coasters, don't hate us.

Sunday I was finally feeling better and actually got dressed to go to swim lessons, it felt getting out of the house!

Sunday evening waiting for dinner snuggles watching Ice Age

I hope all of you had a good weekend, and it wasn't spent being sick, no fun!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. It looks like you were quite busy during flu recovery. SO glad to see you are better, I hear this flu is nothing to mess with.

  2. The flu just plain sucks! We all had it in December and I still can't completely get rid of the congestion and such :( Oh well, April and Spring will be here soon right? lol!

  3. ahh no, being sick is never fun. I was down and out on sat but just the one day thankfully. And a weekend too so Chris could take on Aria! Nails over computers though, haha. Hope you get back to 100% soon.

  4. ugh i hear you about being sick... so glad you're on the mend and you still managed to take tons of great pics so at least there's that!

  5. You look great, especially for having the flu :)! Glad you're feeling better & it looks like a fun weekend.