Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites #63

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Yay for the weekend, although this is the first 5 day work week for me in a long time! But it went by pretty fast, so that's good.

In case you missed it this week:

Just to make it easier, I'll just go ahead and post that video here too :) See how nice I am?

Here are my outfits of the week. This was my last week of outfits since I decided to just do it for March...still thinking if I am going to keep it going, I'm thinking yes, but I have a blogging conference mid-April so I might have to break the rule for that. But otherwise I am going to keep going. oops, forgot to take an outfit picture, but I wore that striped shirt with some jeans, and nude flats.


I can't believe that Mr. and I have been married for almost 11 years! This time 11 years ago, we were getting ready for our rehearsal dinner. So here's a funny story for you. Mr. and I didn't live together before we got married (read here and here why) so I moved all of my stuff in his apartment the week before our wedding, which happened to be Easter weekend, and Mr was also getting confirmed into the Catholic church. So I moved all my stuff, including my clothes, took what I needed for work and went and lived with my parents for the week. Well...guess what I forgot? Honeymoon clothes! Yep, that's said we weren't leaving on our honeymoon until Tuesday I figured I had time to pack. I wasn't thinking about after the wedding, like I'm going to need to change out of my wedding dress! So I asked him to bring me some stuff rom the pile of clothes on the couch...since he knew where we were going. And guess what he brought me? A red plaid skirt that was much too short, and some purple silky top, some orange pants and some ugly pj tank top...yep that's what he brought. So what did I do? Just before our rehearsal and dinner my bestie and I went shopping for honeymoon clothes. Sadly I had most of those clothes still up until about two months ago, I figured 11 years, I got my money out of it. I bought this outfit from Express.

This one too. That's a nice couple we met also on their honeymoon. I can't for the life of me remember their names. Actually most of the clothes I wore on my honeymoon were clothes we bought that day, so it was worth being a little late to my rehearsal, apparently I had nothing to pack.

In case you were wondering we went to French Polynesia. It was fantastic. I wrote a little about that here and here.

Swimming with sting rays, turtles and sharks, such a fun outing! Sorry for the grainy pictures, couldn't find the digital copy so had to scan this one in.

All this to say, Happy Anniversary to Mr. You make my life better and make me want to continually be a better person. Here's to many more wonderful vacation, with and without the kids and to many, many more happy years together!

The kids were feeling under the weather on Monday (my usual gym day) so I decided to hit up Pinterest and try one of the workouts there. I did this one, and it was a great 30 minute workout. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

P.S. I was super sore, which is a good thing. By Wednesday I was having issues walking...but went to my workout class anyway, and was okay...Lesson of the day: Even if you are tired and sore, working out more is going to work out that soreness, woke up Thursday feeling great!

What's a Friday favorite without a fun video to watch?

I don't know what this game is, but all I know is I want to play it...

I don't know what this game is, but all I know is I want to play it... LIKE - Vines For Smiles
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Have a great weekend!

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