Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites #66: Vegas Style

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I thought today's Friday favorites would be a bit different. I'm going to  tell you my favorite things about meeting my blogging friends - Deena, Shuanacey, Lana, Alison, Carrie and Sheila this past weekend.

Here's a recap of the week:

Ever wonder how bloggers get behind the scene photos? This is how:

You see this - not recapping outfits this week, but you would have seen this...

In reality this is what it looked like to everyone else.

Again this is the result:

This is what it looked like

Or this:

But really we are standing in the dirt trying to get that perfect shot.

Teaching everyone how I take my hair style shots. I didn't have to this day because...well there were 6 other people around me to do it :)

They do come out way better when someone else is taking them

Shopping is just fun when you have 6 other people with you who know your style.

Yep top and that necklace came home with me. The necklace is only $10.98!!! A deal in a half I you ask me. The top was on sale for $39.99, you have to see the back, sorry didn't take a picture, it's super cute, and oh so soft!

Sometimes they're not all winners. We weren't sure if this was a vest, jacket or dress...what do you think?

We thought it would be fun to all buy the same dress and style it, then we just put them on and called it done.

Another great thing about traveling with bloggers? They share pictures immediately! Haven't you been with someone and they take the picture and they you say, send me that and then they never do. Monday morning, I started a share folder on Google+ and within a few hours everyone had loaded their pictures...dream come true I tell ya.

We all tried macaroons (I do not like all), can you guess who's is who? In case you forgot who was there, your choices are Deena, Shuanacey, Me, Lana, Carrie, Alison.

 Or this one. I just loved this photo of all of us!

I almost don't to write this last one, because then my recapping will be done and I'll have to wait till next year to see these lovely ladies. But I had to save the best for last...the selfies...oh the selfies we took. I'm fairly certain that we took more selfies than actual pictures. My people I tell ya. This is just a fraction of the selfies we took...SO.MUCH.FUN!
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