Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites #64

Happy Friday! Today is my day off, yay! Mr. comes home today, double yay! But here is what I've been loving this week!

In case you missed it this week

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 Since I didn't do a recap this week I figured I would do one now. It was a favorite since I last wrote about my favorites. Picture heavy so if you don't like cute adorable pictures of my kids just go ahead and skip to #3 :)
Friday we did a family trip to Costco to pick up some stuff and a pizza for dinner. Which I ate and didn't get sick, woo hoo! Seriously this girl...can se take a serious picture ever?
Mini Fox and I headed to a Bridal shower, while the boys headed to the movies and Chuck E. Cheese.
She can smile normal!

Oh wait...there it is.

I was in charge of making the ribbon bouquet, I think it turned out pretty good.

So excited for this lovely lady.

After we got back, Mr. and I headed out to a movie (yep Mr. saw two movies in one day) and to dinner for our 11 year anniversary, I can't believe we've been married for 11 years! If you want to see our wedding video, click here.
But before we left I caught this cute moment of the kids dancing. It's blurry, but it's just so sweet.
We saw London Has Fallen, the sequel to  Olympus Has Fallen, we liked both movies. Action flicks that are someone unbelievable...but hey we go with it.
Sunday this girl earned her way to a purple scooter, she was over the mood excited, can you tell?

After church and naps we headed over to a Korean BBQ place for dinner with friends.

During the week, I got a couple of workouts it...oh and I just found out that our gym has free wifi...what?! I can now watch Netflix while better believe I watched 2 episodes of Fuller House while running :) Well besides to take this photo, I was watching, hehe.

We got to facetime with this guy every night. What did we do before facetime? much better seeing a face with a voice.
I'm fairly certain this girl gets better lunches than me.
She was spying on the neighbors...girl after my own heart...I mean...did I say that out loud?

So I continued on with my wear everything in my closet quest. I forgot to take a selfie of my outfit on Sunday, but I did do some outfit posts, so that's why you see one in non selfie form. Oh and I worked from home a few days and that just makes me you get bare feet pictures, because that's what I really wore.
Susannah from Simple Moments Stick is featuring one of my Spring Outfits along with some other wonderful ladies, go check out how everyone is being inspired by spring!
I saw this pop up on my FB newsfeed...I am so stinkin' excited you have NO IDEA...anyone else?

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! We had plans to go the flower fields this weekend, but there is a 90% change of rain on Saturday, so that plan is out, darn. What are you up to?
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