Thursday, April 28, 2016

Would You Rather: Beauty Edition

Cara from Kindly Unspoken did this tag last week and I thought it was so fun. Here I go.

Would You Rather…
Wear only one eyeshadow color or only one lip color for the rest of your life?

Oh this is a hard one...I think I like playing around with eyeshadows too much, so I'm going to go with lip color...I think I would search heaven and earth for my signature lip color and then and only then would I wear that everyday.
Live without makeup or without nail polish?
Definitely without nail polish. My newfound love for make up is too new and too great to give up now! :) 
Have dark nails or bright nails year round?

I'm a dark nail gal through and through. My dad HATES it with a capital H. He prefers bright reds and pinks. But my jam is Dark...although I do wear brights in the Spring and Summer just so I don't get the side eye from people. My favorite dark color?

Lincoln Park at Dark* by OPI, it's a super dark purple almost looks black, but has a hint of purple and then when you're in the sun it's this super gorgeous dark purple shade.

*I did buy these with my own money, but linked products are affiliates and I will receive a small commission if you click on it. Thank you for your support!
Leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?

Hmmm...that's a tough one. I'm going to go with overdone blush and then go to the movies, hehe. I'm so vain. But definitely over done blush, seems more forgivable than foundation line?
Have no eyebrows or sharpie drawn-ones? 

Geez, these are all tough, although I guess the game is called would you rather this horrible thing or this horrible thing. I'm going to go with no eyebrows, you can always give yourself bangs to hind the fact that you don't have eyebrows right?
Go out with messy hair/nice makeup or nice hair/no makeup?

Definitely nice hair no make. With my hair challenge lately, I do this everyday at work :)

Have a bad haircut or bad hair color?

Since I don't color my hair I guess my default answer is bad a matter of fact I got a pretty bad one last year...blunt cuts...not my thang...I need layers lady!
Be able to buy only drugstore makeup or only high end makeup?

Okay I'm a snob and have super sensitive skin, so I'm going to go with high end make up. Not that drug store doesn't have stuff for sensitive skin but ever since I started wearing make up I have always gravitated towards people telling me what to do, and where do you get that? At counters that sell high end stuff...
Spend $1,000 on clothes or makeup?

Hand down without a doubt clothes! I could do some real damage at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale coming up after 4th of July! Heck last year I did some real damage on my own.

So that's it, how would you answer these questions? Answer one of them in the comments down below or if you have a blog answer there and let me know! I'd love to hear how you answer.

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