Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites #80

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Last Friday this kid graduated from preschool. I can't believe I have a kindergartener! Like how did that happen?! Here I've taken this picture every year at the beginning and the end of school...this year he wants to wash cars for a living.

Him and all of his school mates.

His teachers.

After school, Mr. surprised us and came home early so he could go with us to get a treat after school.

What says treat more than 31 flavors, although Baby Fox pointed out that there was 38 flavors. It was so cute, I told him I would take him to get a treat after school and he said he wouldn't go unless everyone went, too cute.

My Mother-In-Law came for the graduation, we just love spending time with her.

And then there was his performance, it is so cute how she always gets the kids together for the performance.

Each kid had a talent show performance, Baby Fox did one handed cartwheel and some jokes. He's so cute.

They did a line dance.

There little pigs play.

And then graduation! Sniff, sniff, didn't get them all together smiling, but this is good enough. We just love his teacher!

Saturday I went to the gym and took a Kettle Bell class

Then met up with Mr. and MIL for Baby Fox's swim lesson at the gym.

During naptime MIL treated me to getting our nails done, so nice! I haven't been in probably 6 months.

We came home to everyone swimming.

Then we headed to the Mall to go to Cheesecake Factory. There was a long wait so we headed over to the play area where Mini Fox insisted that I take her picture with the bear because she loves him.

After we got back out from dinner my car was DEAD! Oh NO, but fear not, we have a portable car jumper...I think everyone should have one, you don't need someone else to help you jump start your car, you do it on your own. It even comes with some cable adapters to charge your phone in case of emergency. Seriously everyone should have one.

Then we ended the night with some book reading and goodnight blessings.

MIL left on Sunday morning, it was really nice having her here. Next time she'll be here for Mini Fox's birthday party! HOLY COW Mini Fox is turning three so soon!

As always some videos around the internet that I'm loving.

I might have given a little squeal out when I saw this on a friends FB page...Yes! Finally a date! You'll know where to find me come November 25th!!!! My Mom and I have a date to watch every. single one...sorry Mr. you're on kid duty.

Happy Friday! We're off to Legoland to celebrate my little cousin. What are you doing this weekend?

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