Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pick, Pair, Share and Hair Challenge Week 27

Happy Wednesday! Hard coming back after a 5 day break. We had a blast going to my cousins to spend the 4th. More on that on Friday. We ended Create 28 last week, click here for the full recap on The Blended Blog.  Today we are introducing a fun summer casual challenge, Pick, Pair, Share, easy as that. Pick one from each category and have fun, #theblendedblogstyle on social media.

I decided with black, polka dot skirt. I actually bought this skirt off of Kiss Me Darling when I saw this skirt on her blog I was jealous and then a year or so later she was selling it, SOLD! So excited that I got it. Her pictures are gorgeous:
Here is how I styled it.

This skirt is seriously so comfy and light weight, perfect for summer.

I did my hair super easy, half up styles are my favorite.

Onto my hair styles this week...

Friday I had a day off, so I had time to do my hair before taking Baby Fox to school.

Sunday I went to my cousins to hang out, and didn't know that she was having a party! Like we showed up and her house was all decorated and I was like what's going on? She's like I thought you knew 30 people are coming over for a pre 4th celebration! I was like, say what?! But it was super fun. I hadn't done my hair, but knowing people were coming, my hair felt naked, so I threw it up in some braids just as people were getting there.

These pictures were taken around 11pm, all tired and watching Batman Vs. Superman, which I really liked and I think the poor reviews are bogus.

Tuesday I had a day date with Mr. We both ditched worked and had the day together, going to breakfast, shopping and a movie, it was great!

Now let's see what you have been styling this week! Remember to tag #theblendedblogstyle if you decide to pick, pair, share!

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