Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sentence A Day: June Edition

Hi Foxy Friends, back with another installment of Sentence A Day! Thank you Rebecca for the idea! Here we are our first link up! I hope you wrote down your sentence a day and are linking up with us. It's so fun to read about someone's day in just one sentence.

1 - Gym and packing for Lake Arrowhead!

2 - Got the kids passports and drove to Lake Arrowhead, super easy!

3 - Yay everyone is finally here, the kids are having a blast!

4 - The beach was amazing, can't wait to take the kids to the beach this summer.

5 - So sad our little getaway is over, until next time!

6 - Going back to work after 4 days off, SUCKS!

7 - Bought some of Baby Fox's birthday party decorations today

8 - I am loving the new season of R.I.P.P.E.D

9 - Homemade Mac and Cheese is where it's at

10 - We lasted 46 hours of eating healthy and then we had In and Out...oops

11 - Swim Assessments for Baby Fox, he's in Wavers 301

12 - 4th birthday party fun with a friend that I've known since 7th grade!

13 - First day of ISR (infant self rescue) lessons for Mini Fox, minimal crying

14 - Dinner with my cousin and her kids, so much fun, I love how much they all love each other.

15 -Swim lesson success, no crying, and he made up the 10 minutes we missed yesterday too, woo hoo!

16 - My cute little Super Heros

17- Party prep, party errands, all things party

18- Stayed up till 3:15am to make cake, party success, I'm exhausted.

19- Happy Father's Day Mr.!

20- The kids talked me...twisted my arm really hard, to get In and Out for dinner.

21 - Kate Spade Ice Bucket, best surprise from Mr.!

22 - Mr. got some frozen custard treats, never had and YUM!

23 - Got our dryer fixed, clean clothes, yay!

24 - Concert in the park at our swim location, had to park super far away.

25 - I love weddings

26 - Cousin fun, can't get enough of them.

27 - More Swim Lessons

28 - They talked me into In and Out again, Tuesday tradition?

29 - I got to workout! I love R.I.P.P.E.D. To the Core

30 - MNO!!!

Join us next month for another month of sentence, Link up is happening on August 4th! See you then!

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