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Throw Back to...High School

I'm linking up with Andrea today for her Let's Talk series, I totally read it wrong...rather in my blog planner I just wrote, school days, so I just took some pictures of some high school photos, but looking a little closer, it says College Throwback. Well...that will have to wait for another day...I took high school photos, so that's what I'm showing you today, hope you don't mind.

See that picture up there, yep, turned 15, braces and all. Funny enough I owned a gingham type shirt then, but don't have one now...hmmm....That was at one of the hangouts in my town, it was a 50's diner and everyone went there.

Guess what? My friend just posted (like this afternoon), a big group picture of us from our 9th grade class picture...let me show it to you...can you find me?

Yeah I wouldn't be able to either...but let's look a little closer and you'll see I'm pretty much in the a cheerleader! Yep that's right I was a cheerleader for 1 year...I had totally forgotten about that picture and being one...haha! Anyway, when I got to 10th grade (officially at the high school campus) you couldn't do both marching band and cheerleading and I loved marching band so I chose that.

One of my good friends, who we see often, actually we went to her daughters birthday just a few weeks ago. This is 9th grade. Back in the day, 9th grade was junior high and we got to sit out where we are standing for lunch, which only 9th graders got to do...big time I know. We thought we were so cool.

9th grade graduation. For whatever reason I can only find this picture...I have no idea where all of the other pictures are. My friend who I just saw a few weeks ago too. Man I've been friends with these girls for a long time. Actually it goes back to 7th grade if you really wanted to know.

Hey I'm turning 16! First time I ever got my nails done at a that seems so crazy to wait that long now and days...perhaps I'll do the same with Mini Fox.

11th grade Homecoming dance. , the guy in the white jacket, totally had this huge crush on him, went to 3 dances with him and didn't kiss him until I was a Junior in about waiting FOREVER!
Now we are entering the part of the post where it is all of my scrapbooking photos...since I scrapbooked all of my be warned, these were my first pages that I ever did.
A big part of my life was band. I played trombone and did every type of ensemble possible at school. Yep just call me band geek.
Let's zoom in a trombones were always in the front know moving parts and all, can you see me? I was the only girl...tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, short, tall, tall, tall...haha. Hey at least we're all in step, that's good.


This band geek went to Reno for a Jazz Festival, super fun times.

Can you see me? There are only 3 girls...the other two are blonde...haha.

So while in band there were a group of us that always hung out (see Homecoming picture above). Anyway, one of the older sisters started calling us S.S (snob squad, so I guess we could be considered the first plastics? I really hope we weren't that mean, I don't think we were), anyway, everyone pretty much knew us as that, and always wanted to know what it I guess if you were one of those people and reading this you know.

My first time at Disneyland was for a honors society thing, I know took 17 years for me to get there...

Hey I'm 18 now! Yep I turned 18 as a senior in high school.

A big part of my senior year was marching band, as I was the drum major. See that person in the front there...yep me.

A close up of most of my outfit besides the shako...errr..hat to those that don't know what a shako is.

Our class decided it was a good idea that 98 days (since we were the class of 98), would all just ditch school. Unofficial, the teachers had no idea...and since we were ditching half of the junior class ditched too, and boy did we get in trouble, but it was a super fun day hanging out down in Santa Monica.

In high school the other group I hung out with, were the ASB kids. Mostly the kids from 7th grade, anyway, when Grease released for it's 20th anniversary at the theater, it's totally normal to grab our mom's, dress up and go see the movie together right?

Finally graduation! I told you once that my brother was 9 months younger than me. We ended up graduating together. Yep that means all of the same classes, all the same friends and I wouldn't have had it any other way!

Me and my brother...

 And on that note I think I've shared enough embarrassing photos for one post...Hope you all had a great weekend!

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