Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Play Ball Kind of Outfit + How To Curl Your Hair

Happy almost MLB game day opening, don't ask me why I know this. Baby Fox has recently started playing baseball and he was put on the Dodgers. Which really works out for us, because Mr. is a hardcore Dodger fan, so we already had all of the gear! Lucky us because Mr. said if he would have been put on the Giants that he would not/could not wear/buy/support that paraphernalia, see die hard fan right there.

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I think nothing completes a baseball watching game outfit better that some great chucks.

I bought my t-shirt at Old Navy, which has a lot of the MLB teams available right now. They don't have my exact one, but this one they are selling is pretty close. These jeans are no longer available but these are a close second.

I decided I wanted a side ponytail, but it looks so boring just pulling it to the side, so I added a little twist in it with my favorite bobby pins and tied it up and it was super easy hair style.

This works out well being a dodger fan in that Baby Fox was put on the Dodgers. Mr. said under no circumstances would he ever wear Giants gear, even for his son, so let's hope he never gets on the Giants team.

Another week of my Hair 101 series, last week I showed you how to do a small pancake braid, this is the start to many hair styles actually. This week I'm going to show you two different ways I curl my hair. One is a uniform curl and the other is used for a more messy curly look. I even show you how it loosens throughout the day and what it looks like the next morning.

Any suggestions on other hair styles you want to see? Let me know, I'm starting to run out of ideas.

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