Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Common Threads Challenge Week 2

I've mentioned this a few times, but this month I am participating in the Common Threads Challenge, where we pick 5 things from our closet and then each day have to use one of those 5 things and pick our outfit around that. So here is day 4 through 10

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Wondering what I picked? Wait no longer, here are the 5 things I picked.

Black and Whit Striped Skirt (Similar) / Burgundy Tee / Black Blazer / Skinny Jeans / Booties (Similar and 50% off!) /

* indicates what I picked from my 5

Day 4

Skirt (similar)*/ Shirt (similar) / Jacket (similar) / Shoes (Similar)

Day 5

Shirt / Jeans* / Jacket  (Similar here and here)Shoes (Similar)

Day 6 

Day 7 

No picture, was in fundraising mode and forgot before I changed for the event.

Shorts (Similar) /  Shirt* / Flip Flops

Day 8 

Skirt  (similar)* / TankFlip Flops

Day 9 

Dress (same pattern different silhouette) / Booties (Similar)*

Day 10 

Pants (Similar) / Blazer* / Heels (Similar)

So far 10 days in and I'm doing pretty good, although I'm fairly certain people in my weekend life are going to get sick of me wearing that striped skirt or shorts with the burgundy top, as those are my coolest things to wear in this 90° heat.

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