Monday, October 9, 2017

Day In The Life: Fall Time

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! I hope you all had a good weekend! The Blended Blog ladies and I decided that today would be a good day to show you guys a day in our life during the Fall. So link up your days, so we can all be nosy and see what you have all been up to. I decided to document Saturday October 7th.

Note: This is not really a normal day, as we don't go to fundraisers every weekend, haha!

Another note: It was 95° outside.

Okay enough notes, let's get started.

8:30am - Mini Fox comes bounding into our bedroom wanting snuggles.

8:35am - I get up because I'm feeling sick and want to take some cold medicine.

8:37am- I come back upstairs to find Baby Fox in the bed too, so we get some family snuggle time in.

8:45am - We have to get up and going for soccer, but first I must netty pot...have you tried it before?

9:10am - I am down stairs and the kids want waffles for breakfast.

9:35am Waffles are done

10:15 We hustle out the door and get to Baby Fox's soccer game, there is a good 30 minutes before the game starts...

10:45am: It's 95° and in our rush to get out the door, we forget a rubber band for Mini Fox's hair, I find a clip in my purse, so I french braid her hair and use the clip, she wants to know what the clip looks like, so I take this picture.

11:05am - Game time

12:30pm, game ends and we head back to the house for some lunch.

The kids request Mr. to make some hot dog art. Baby Fox wanted a smiley face with hair and the ketchup is a wide tongue.

Mini Fox wanted Minnie Mouse in a car. I think he did pretty darn good.

12:50pm - My house is a wreck and I contemplate what to do...I decide to do nothing.

12:52pm: I decide to add one last touch to the mantel before getting ready to go to our fundraiser.

1:00pm-2:45pm: I run around trying to get everything done. The sign I made for the fundraiser needs to be I fix that, and it takes forever. Meanwhile, I have to wrap a gift for the kids to take to a birthday party, and do full make up and hair for the fundraiser.  (bad sign...)

Mr. takes off with the kids to drop them off at my parents house. I pack up the car and get ready to leave. Small car make sit hard to get the sign in...but I got it in...phew!

3:45pm-5pm: We get to the Nixon Library a few minutes late and we're off and running decorating and setting up.

This is what I as in charge of...full post on this coming soon!

Made it, the room looks fantastic!

6:00pm: The event is starting and we're starving and the appetizers are so dang good! This is a grilled cheese with tomato soup, it had to be documented, Mr. and I followed this guy around taking all the samples...hehe.

6:30pm Mr. and I take a breather outside.

7:00pm: We find the organizer of the function, give a little high five that it's going well.

7:15pm: Decide we want another drink. Moscow Mules are good!

7:30pm: Take one last picture of the outside before heading back in. This is the same picture from above, but at night time.

7:30pm: Head inside to start the evening.

9:38pm: Get picture from parents.

10pm: Decide to head home for the night, not feeling well and need to sleep. I hope we raised a ton of money for Thomas House! Last picture of the evening.

Good night! This was definitely not a normal Saturday, but it was a fun one! So glad that my wine pull did well and that all the wine was gone an hour into the event!

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