Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Back in June or was it July, Stephanie came up with this idea to wear more of her dresses and skirts in her closet. She realized that she had a ton that she never wore, so what else do you do when you have a blog? You ask all of your blogging friends to join in. We all said we didn't think we could do a full 30 days, so we settled on 10. I made my 10, and then forgot to take pictures of 2 outfits, so really I got 12 days, woo hoo!

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So what did I wear? Here ya go.

Date night dress.

This dress is one of my favorite Spring time purchases.

So what I get from doing this challenge, EVERYONE should own a jean jacket, apparently I wear it a lot as a completer piece. Perhaps I need some new completer pieces...hmmm... Also I love floral and stripes. 

So did you try out the challenge? How did you do?

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