Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Joys: October Edition

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I'm so excited to be joining CrystalBeth, Jessica, and Stephanie again for What Brings Me Joy. This month the two co-hosts are Emily from Three Boys and a Girl & Johannah from The Sirois Family. I love this link up as it reminds us to stop and really think about the little things that bring you joy. I'm over on The Blended Blog sharing some blogger Friday love around the internet. Go check those out too. Okay, month #2, let's get started! 

| ONE |

Baby Fox's love for school and learning and reading. His reading is getting better each day and his love for math makes this geeky engineers heart soar. Doing his homework the other day, this is a question that was asked and his answer. His first resonse was "it is wrong", then Mr. says why do you think that is? Well his answer totally makes sense to me. 

| TWO |

This girls love for gymnastics. I remember being her age and how much I loved gymnastics. I wish I could find my old pictures, I have no idea where they all day I'll come across them. 

Showing off all of her stamps she got from the teacher (one on each foot and each arm).


My days are long, like really long. I wake up at 4:15ish, leave the house by 4:50am, then head to work, am at my desk at 6am, work until 3:20pm, then get home at 5:15pm (yep that's almost a 2 hour drive home). Then have all the kids stuff, working out, etc to do...then hanging out with Mr. puts me to bed around 11pm. Anyway, all this to say, that it's the small things in my daily life that make it more bearable, like this salad from Costco. It's insane that a salad could brighten my day, but hey sitting at a desk for 9+ hours and in traffic for 2.5+ hours a day...I look forward to that salad everyday.

| FOUR |

The fact that my bestie now lives in the same area that I live in. Not that we see each other every week, but knowing that she lives close and we can now hang out for an evening without having to make it a whole weekend trip, now that's awesome. Happy that our kids will get to see each other more and get to know one another.

| FIVE |

Flowers in October. Yes it's been so hot here you can barely breathe, okay that's totally dramatic, but with the heat means the flowers get confused and we get another full rose bushes bloom. So I get Halloween decorations with fresh cut roses. Doesn't get much better then that. I took these over the weekend.

| Bonus |

And one extra one today, although I'm not sure if it is a 5 rule or not, eh. I feel like sharing more. All of the Halloween festivities, Halloween is SO MUCH more fun when you have kids. We went to Baby Fox's first school function and it was called Boo Bash, they had games, a haunted house, trunk or treating (which totally confused the kids, like why am I walking up to someones trunk and saying trick or treat?)

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? We are doing yet another trunk or treat at my parents church and then Sunday we have NOTHING planned, glorious.

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