Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sentence A Day: September Edition

1- Fri-yay! (Did I really just say that?)

2- Beach day, followed by a yummy dinner and a night without the kids makes for one great day.

3- The kids stayed up till 1 or 2am at my parents and were rock stars Apple Picking, so fun!

4- Thanksgiving for dinner on Labor Day, cause why not?

5- Party prep, party prep, party prep.

6- Mini Fox's first day of school!

7- Party prep, party prep, party prep.

8- My first off Friday when both kids are at school in 6.5 years, I might have shouted woo hoo, after I dropped them both off.

9- Happy 4th Birthday Mini Fox, you are one of the best things to happen to us!

10- Party day, such a great day with family and friends!

11- Mini Fox is having a hard time adjusting to Baby Fox going to school.

12- Uncontrollable crying by Mini Fox, what is going on?!

13- Back to school night, how is this 1-2 combo class going to work?

14- Mr. had to drive home because Mini Fox would no stop crying, will this ever end?

15- MIL and BIL are in town, which means Mexican for dinner, yum!

16- Curtis's cousin's wedding, so much fun, and a gorgeous venue.

17- Celebrating my cousin with a baby shower, plus 6 hours without kids, not going to lie, I didn't mind driving the 3 hours to and from.

18- BIL wants In and Out for dinner, can't argue with that.

19- Day 1 of the cleanse...not too bad.

20- Day 2 of the cleanse, I actually worked out and didn't feel horrible, that's a change.

21- Last day of the cleanse, wasn't as hard as it was the last two times I've done it.

22- Wart removal via freeze is never fun for a 4 year old, but she did great. (She said she never wants to do that again, unfortunately we have to repeat it 2-3 more times)

23- "Away" soccer game followed by lunch with the parents.

24- It's my Super Bowl (deemed by Mr.), family picture day. (Picture taking is done and the kids are excited we're not yelling at them to stop playing with the sand, haha!)

25- My kids have never had and didn't know what tator tots were, I have failed as a parent

26- Kids had tator tots and love them, who wouldn't?!

27- Back to R.I.P.P.E.D

28- And then there was no MNO because I got the wrong date, boo!

29- Longest week EVER!

30- Watching the Angels game from box seats, I can get used to this!

Can't wait to read your sentence. It's not too late to join us for next month. Catch up now and record your life one sentence at a time with us! Thanks Rebecca for the idea!

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