Friday, November 10, 2017

10 Favorite Gifts To Give

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today I'm linking up with Erin, I love this topic she picked out for 10 on the 10th. You know those gifts that you just keep giving people because they are just that good? Yep, I'm sharing my top 10 gifts I give people. So let's get started!

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Do I need to say anything more about the Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan? I think all the ladies in my life have one .

Then there are your girlfriends. Who you don't necessarily want to spend a ton of money on, but you want them to feel appreciated and loved. I give these things on repeat to my girlfriends, but make sure you keep track of who you give what to!

Nail kit - I pick out colors I think they'll like, add my favorite top coat and a nail file, perfect gift for all the ladies in my life.

Top Coat 
Nail File 

Who doesn't love a good Eye Shadow Palette? This one has been my favorite this season and for $38 you can't beat it!

I almost always have these earrings on hand as well. They go on sale and I buy a few to have as gifts for my friends, although I might have to find a new go to since I've given these to 4 of my friends already!

I think a great clutch is great too. It's simple, not something they would use a ton, just for going out on the town probably, this Leopard Clutch (I actually bought this for my sister for her birthday, shee don't tell her it's in 10 days) is perfect for that. But if your friend isn't on the whole leopard is a neutral thing the White Cross Body and the Brown and Black Clutch will be perfect too.

Then there are couples that you have to give gifts to, or is that just me? But these are always on repeat with me too.

When giving a couple a gift I try to find things that they might not normally buy themselves. Like these cute cheese trays: SlateWood, or Tree Bark, all of these are super cute, but not sure if I would buy them myself, but I would love it if I got it as a gift!

Wine Accessories, who doesn't love wine accessories? Almost everyone drinks wine. Have you used this Vacuum Wine Stopper? We have one and have been using it for years! Helps to preserve that open bottle just an extra day or two...if it lasts that long, haha. The wine markers and the Aerator and Decantor are just fun. and the wine holder for luggage, how unexpected is that? Such a great idea, I know when I've traveled I just hoped and prayed that the wine bottle made it with my luggage and didn't break! I'm probably going to get this for my aunt and uncle.

Then there are the people in your life that are foodies, right? This olive oil and vinegar store is awesome! They have one local to me, and let me tell you when you try their 18 Year aged Balsamic vinegar, you will never go back to another one, EVER! Then they have all these different oils and vinegars for you to try. Some you didn't even know exisited, but are so yummy! They have a sampler you can get too, which is what I got my cousins last year and my brother and sister in law the year before. Great gift, and they do a great job with presentation. They ship, so get to it, go check them out, they are called Olive 41. Some of my other favorites: Infused Balsamic - more than 50 to chose from, Olive Oil- More than 15 to chose from, Infused Olive Oil - Over 50 to chose from.

I love this gift because who doesn't like a good Moscow Mule...actually I just had my first one a few weeks ago and it was delicious! But these mugs, super cute and something someone probably wouldn't buy for themselves. Moscow Mule Mugs 

Mr. is so hard to buy for, I've gotten him these over the years...actually the small Speaker, is super reasonable priced and comes in colors! What? Bose that comes in colors...crazy talk! You can't go wrong with some Bose headphones, these are the ones I use daily at work

So there you have it, my top 10 gifts I give people. I do try to cater gifts to what they will like, but I feel like all of these gifts are pretty universal and someone is bound to like them! Good luck shopping, are any of you done out there? I'm not even close!

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