Wednesday, November 22, 2017

10 Gifts for Him

Happy Tuesday! Coming back from a 4 day weekend  is always hard. In case you missed it yesterday, I'm starting 12 days of Blogmas (skipping some days for Thanksgiving this weekend), the first topic is gifts for Him. I previously did educational gifts for kids, and beauty gifts for her, so now I'm doing gifts for him.

I don't know about you, but I always have trouble buying gifts for my hubby/Dad/brother...and the list continues. What the heck do you get these guys? So here is my attempt of what to get those men in your life. Let's

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1. For the guy who loves grilling and wants to try and electric smoker try this one, it's more resaonably priced and he can figure out if he wants to upgrade to a more expensive one later. Don't forget the smoking chips!

2. I love a good leather jacket for a man, but if real leather isn't his thing then try this faux leather jacket, both have a great look.

3. This is Mr.'s favorite t- shirt and long sleeve tee, they are super soft and so comfortable to wear. These are actually the shirts he makes a point to wear when we go visit new borns, cause he says they are soft and cuddly and babies want to cuddle him because of it...and you know what? It works every time, he puts them to sleep in no time.

4. For those colder climate places these pajama pants are perfect.

5. We recently got the Amazon Echo and have been loving it. Love that you can link your shopping lists to it, and when you need something you say "Alexa put milk on the list" and she adds it to the list on my phone. So awesome. The Amazon Dot is a smaller version of it, it's pretty awesome too.

6. I have gotten Mr. Bose products a couple of times, I've gotten then speaker and the headphones they are always a good thing to get the guy who has everything. The sound is amazing, you can't beat it.

7. If you get the Amazon Echo or Dot, might as well get something to go with it, this Programmable Thermostat is pretty cool and can be programmed into your Amazon product.

8. Okay this one might seem silly but it TOTALLY works, saved us once and then a co-worker who was broken down, save him from having to wait for help. This Portable Car jump Jumper, really should be in everyones car. It can jump your car without having to have someone else do it for you. It also has some cables to charge your phones if you are even in a situation that you would need that.

9. Okay I admit I have this one in my car, you just never know when you'll need a Portable Compressor. I use it mainly for pumping up tires for bikes and strollers, and once I used it to inflate a blow up mattress.

10. I love these watches, I think they are so great for any guy. Mr. doesn't like watches but I know several men in my life that would love one of these. They come in silver, gold, and black.

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