Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites #140

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! The family and I are off on a road trip! We're so stinkin' excited and can't wait to share all of the pictures when we get back! But first, lets start off this weekend by sharing a few favorites, I feel like it's been a while since I last did one. So here we go!

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Baby Fox has been super busy, he played his last soccer game this past weekend. For whatever reason our league didn't do pictures this year? Crazy right? But I took one of that counts, I guess? No team picture, boo!

Team party was this week and the coach had some great things to say about him. Sad that next year they are changing the rules so he won't be able to be on his team any more. He misses the cut off by 6 days...that stinks doesn't it?

He got his second strip on his yellow belt this month in karate (wouldn't let me take a picture) and then after class he went to a STEM class and built this by himself...his teacher was super proud of him.

The other day Mr. came out of his office and found this on the ground.

It's says: Dear Daddy, I hope you have a great day at work. I will see you when you get home and the alien spider babies are coming from you (inside joke between the two of them) From Baby Fox.

 The other night he wanted to set a trap, so he put his leopard on his door to fall on someone (me) when they came in his room.

Every year we got to Hallmark and let the kids pick out an ornament. This was by far the fastest year they've picked one out.

Not the ornament he ended up with, after we went to pay and they told us we had to buy a power cord and be able to plug it in somewhere on the tree, umm?? Huh? Who does that? Put a battery in that thing and call it a day.

So he ended up with this one.

Then we went back to the house and we might have decorated a tree.

The boxes are starting to pile up people...yep they've been sitting there for a few days, just can never remember to open them.

As always, linking up with The Blended Blog for a Friday Loves where we share things around the blogger world that we love.

Erika from The Slaughters, wrote this post that really spoke to me. Bottom line she says this: I hope this reminds us all that no matter how small the task, our big God can work in mighty ways.  Even something as simple and routine as packing a lunch. You really have to go read the whole thing. From now on I will remember that even something as mundane as packing a lunch might have a bigger impact then I think.

Isn't her family so cute?

I feel like I haven't done this in a while, but here are some random things on the internet that I've been loving.

Oh my gosh, I don't even know what my life would look like if I said yes to everything to my kids.

Have you seen this yet? I've watching ever single episode of this show with Mr. It's our thing. I can't believe it has been 300 episodes! Anyone else still watch?

This lady created a house so that film crews could use it, it's been in over 1800 movies and tv shows! How cool is that?

So what are you up to this weekend? Come back Monday I have a fun post!

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