Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Black And White With a Little Leopard

Happy Hump Day Foxy Friends. I finally put together the outfit that I have wanted to put together for a while. I had wanted a white blazer for a while, and finally I found one! I ended up having to buy it twice, but finally I got the one that fit.

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I love this clutch, if you could only buy one clutch, but this one. It seriously will pretty much go with any outfit you pick out.

Yep you see it right, I am actually wearing a choker and not feeling like I can't breathe. This one is actually really light weight and comfortable. I would link it, but I got it as a gift and I don't know where they bought it.

Short and sweet post today. Thank you for continuing to link up with us to make this fashion link up a success!

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