Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Girls Weekend In Seattle + Vlog

Hello Foxy Friends! This past weekend I went to visit Lana and Deena and Abbie decided to join in on the fun. Deena recapped our weekend pretty nicely, so go over and read her recap...I'll fill in some other details.

First can we talk about how awesome Lana's family is and how welcoming they were to 3 stranger ladies coming to their house, being super loud and then eating like teenage boys? And can we talk about Mr. Lana...man he knows how to cook. It was fantastic, we would go out for the day and come home to hot meal on the table, my dream come true. Really this was the BEST girls weekend away I could have asked for.

There was of course lots of shopping

A little bit of site seeing and hiking, if you can call it that.

And lots of pretty scenery.

I got to go on a Ferry for the first time...with a car. That still blows my mind. How do we not sink?

And then some more shopping.

And lots and lots of eating. I'm fairly certain I ate my weight in food this weekend. But oh so worth it!

I couldn't imagine a better tribe. I no longer think of them as my blogging friends, but just friends. I am so happy to have gone on this blogging journey and met up with you and create more memories with you. Until next time! Disneyland in March? Who's in?

And of course there is a video/Vlog. Man remembering to Vlog is hard work. But here it is.

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