Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sentence A Day: December Edition

 Hello! Welcome to the new year! I've been doing Sentence a Day for the last year and a half, click here to see past months.  I got this idea from Rebecca, who inspired this link up! It's only January 4th, so catch up and join us the first Thursday of every month to share your sentences.

1 - Off day, taking Dance Jam at the gym and they are teaching us the Bye Bye Bye dance, it's pretty awesome.

2 - Got my workout done early and then cleaning the house and decorating.

3 - Mr. left again for the week, send all the prayer that he has two children when he gets home...haha, j/ really, I'm sure we'll be fine...

4 - Nothing like Daddy being gone and then getting a bunch of take out food to last the entire week and then some, haha.

5 - I hope everyone stays safe during this crazy fire season.

6 - Back to R.I.P.P.E.D. and it was so hard!

7 - Little League proof of residency, why do we do this every year, can't they keep track of us from last year?

8 - That was crazy, Mr. almost didn't make it home with that storm, got home at 6am, instead of midnight.

9 - 600 cookies, I'm dead.

10 - Relaxing day, just what we needed.

11 - Mini Fox was so cute in her Christmas performance.

12 - Why did we decide a 3 day cleanse was the way to go in the middle of December?

13 - I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, why, why, why?!

14 - Made it, now to eat all the food, although that is counterproductive to the last 3 days, haha!

15 - So much to do, busy running errands all day long, left the house at 8:20am and got home at, that was a long day.

16 - Cousin party time!!!!!

17 - Witnessed the most amazing act of love and support for our fire fighter heroes on our way home today. (Back Story: a fire fighter lost his life fighting the Ventura Fire, aka Thomas Fire, and was being brought home to San Diego (about 150 miles) and over every freeway pass were fire trucks and people standing on the sides of the freeway to show support for him, his family and fellow fire fighters.)

18 - Last time at gymnastics for 3 weeks...get it all in little girl.

19 - Happy Anniversary to my parents, I think that's 47 years?

20 - Working from home, I love these days.

21 - Picked up 13 pounds of Prime Rib today, woo hoo, bring it on Christmas!

22 - Got to volunteer in Baby Fox's classroom, he was surprised, but was hoping I would come.

We had the kids toilet papering each other to make each other snowmen.

23 - Yay my brother is coming to town!

24 - What a great day/evening with my family, I just love our traditions.

25 - Hosting 24 people and making sure birthday boy has the best day a success, plus the prime rib turned out perfect.

26 - Sick, everyone is sick, so we stay at home and do nothing.

27 - 3 hour nap isn't too shabby.

28 - Baby Fox is out with Ampa (what he calls my Dad) so Mini Fox and I went on a mommy/daughter outing.

29 - Baby Fox got himself so worked up over getting blood drawn, think screaming and calling people mean and trying to run out the door, and as soon as the needle goes in his arm, he says, that's it?

In the waiting room.

30 - Day two of eating dinner with the same friends, we could get use to this.

31 - Happy New Year, bringing in this year with the same friends as last year and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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