Monday, January 15, 2018

My New Years Resolution

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today on The Blended Blog it's all about New Years resolutions. I know 2 weeks late, but better late than never right? Anyway, I never like to think of them as resolutions, rather goals. Like I try to pick a goal that I want to accomplish that year. For example, 2012 I decided I wanted to try and wear jewelry, I never wore it before then. 2013, was the year Mini Fox was born and quite frankly I was so sick all the time I could barely function, so let's say 2013 was they year I tried to function as adult and parents a 2 year old.

2014 was the year I was going to revamp my wardrobe, that's when I discovered Alison and Get Your Pretty on Style Challenge (affiliate link), and it changed my life. Seriously, if you need to figure out a new style and want to try things outside the box and have someone tell you how to dress, Alison is your lady. Anyway, this is where I started and this was my last outfit post of 2017.

2015 was the year I wanted to figure out make up, I had no idea how to put it on, I could do lipstick, that was it. The end of 2014, hey i got some bright lipstick on...and barely there eye shadow, but it's better.

Taken at the end of 2015, funny enough I do believe that happens to be the same skirt from above, LOL. Funny how that happened. Anyway, it's a bit blury, but there's some fake lashes and the eyeliner is better.

Each year just gets better, I learn more and get better, the end of 2016.

End of 2017.

2016 was the year I wanted to learn how to do my hair. These were one of my favorite hair styles.

2017 was the year I wanted to organize my house. Which I did, and then never blogged about. I promise it happened. I am in the process of organizing my pantry, which I will have a post sometime in the next couple of weeks. I am waiting for some containers to arrive from Container Store, such a bummer when are you so close to the finish line but don't have what you need...ugh.

Okay finally at 2018 goals. If you are still with me, thank you. This year I decided I wanted to be a little more flexible and be able to let go and get out of my head. I am CONSTANTLY thinking, always have a plan in my head of what to do next. I wanted to try and start practicing Yoga, to a) help me get flexible b) help me get out of my head. So my plan is to do this 30 days of beginning yoga, and then maybe continue on that playlist I have. We'll see, but I found a few flexibilty YouTube videos that I will try out, will let you know.

Day 1 and Mini Fox wanted to do it with me, she lasted about 10 minutes. It was super cute.

Unfortunately we are 14 days in and I was only able to complete 5 of the days until I hurt myself really band and rendered both hand useless. wahh! I thought I was okay Friday, but tried to do a simple downward dog and...nope not yet. So hopefully in the next week I'll be able to pick back up and get back on the train. And no more Hoverboarding for me...

So link up your resolutions below!

Also linking up with Shay and  Erika for another random discussion. Last year they did a Workin' It them, and this year they are doing How We theme. I love it. I'm a week late, but hey better late than never!

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