Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sunday In 10 Pictures

Last year I sporadically linked up with Kristin for her Daily Dime, and I thought I would really try to do it this year and be more consistent.  So here we go, I picked Sunday, January 14th to document.
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Day started out with some family snuggles and a nice breakfast for Daddy, kids decided they wanted cereal, not picture worthy, haha.

Then time to get ready for church, the products I'm using today.

What is a church without donuts, they go hand in hand right? We rotate who picks which donut shop we go to, this time it was Baby Fox's choice and he picked what we have dubbed "The New Place".

After donuts, a friend came over with her daughter to pick up Mini Fox and me for a little shopping. But before that could commence some signing of the cast had to be done. She finally decided certain people could sign her cast, Baby And Mini Fox made the list.

I have been organizing our pantry and motivated her to organize hers too, so we took the girls and off we went to The Container Store we went.

The girls were really good, so we got them some ice cream.

Then maybe Mommy's had to do some other shopping, cough, cough DSW, Nordstrom Rack.

In case you were wondering, Mini Fox changed into the dress to go shopping, she wore pants and a fuzzy dress to church, haha.

The girls might have gotten some new shoes which prompted a photo shoot...now if only that man in the background would have just scooted a little further up the steps. ah well! They are cute.

Back at the house I excitedly washed and labeled my new jars...was sad that some of them didn't workout but have remedied that and they are all on their way. Can I tell you that the Container Store had very little containers left, they were WIPED out...apparently everyone had the same thoughts.

Last came some weekly lunch prep, this week is Chicken salad.

That was my Sunday in 11 photos, although I'm going to count 10 because the two casts pictures are one...same picture different kid. haha.

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