Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites #177

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Friday, woo hoo, we made it, why is it that short weeks always seem the longest? Today is my off Friday, which means that I am mad rushing to get ready for Mini Fox's birthday party on Sunday. It worked out that her birthday party is on her actual birthday. I can't believe that she is turning 5! I feel like 5 is really little kid status, sniff sniff. Anyway, onto Friday Favorites, head on over to The Blended Blog to link up your Friday favorites!

In case you missed it on the blog...I haven't blogged much but I did blog three days this week.

Monday: The Blended Blog Asks: Cozy Edition
Tuesday: Recent Amazon Purchases
Wednesday: Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

I also posted a YouTube video on my last Boxy Charm unboxing for a while. I stopped my subscription service for a bit. But don't worry I am still getting my FabFitFun and that unboxing should be coming next week, if I can get my act together!

Last week was birthday week, which meant that we did lots of birthday things. Thursday (my actual birthday) got blogged here, so go check out what I did on my birthday. Friday, my friend asked to take me out to dinner and something fun. We had no idea what we were going to do...but figured we would figure something out. On Wednesday another friend posted that he had extra tickets to go see Pageant of the Masters, have you seen it? It's in Laguna Beach and probably one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen. They use real people and recreate famous paintings and statues. And when I say recreate, it's so hard to even describe, like they have all the actors stand in the scenery and then they do magical lighting and suddenly the people don't look real, it's like you can see the actual brush strokes and you have to think, I just saw there were people in there, but now it legit looks like a painting. Anyway, back on subject, we went to dinner at The Deck in Laguna Beach...this was our view.

Then we headed over to the Pageant, it was outdoors (sort of like the Hollywood Bowl), and it was so much fun. They also have an art festival you can get into before the show. Kid art was there too.

View from our seats.

Saturday Baby Fox got his purple belt!

And Mr. and I went out for a birthday dinner.

We drove home with the top down.

Sunday I was busy making a project for a friend, and then later in the afternoon some friends kids came over to spend the night. My friends hubby surprised her with a trip to Paris, so we offered to take the kids for a night to let the grandparents rest a bit. They were thankful. Mini Fox serenaded them as they arrived.

All ate dinner.

Ate popcorn and watched Happy Feet

And then knocked out around 9pm, successful night if I do say so myself.

Monday the kids woke up about 7:45, couldn't have gone any better. We ate breakfast of protein pancakes with chocolate chips.

Watched Ever After. Played, watched Ever After...rinse and repeat...basically it was on in the background.

They went swimming...somewhere in there we had lunch and then the kids grandparents came to pick them up.

I would say that it was successful considering that they didn't want to go home.

This girl also started school on Wednesday.

I have to mention that she also wants to be a farmer...

So that's what happened in my world...oh and I've been busying making these...

Stay tuned for what it turned out to be....still working on it!

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