Monday, November 19, 2018

7 Holiday Prep Tips

Hi Foxy Friends! Driving back from Arizona today, I think it's about a 6-7 hour car ride? I don't remember it being that long the last time, but I guess it was...when we got there last time we checked in and then went and ate dinner...anyway back to the post. It's another Monday and I'm linking up again with The Blended Blog for our Monday chats. Today's topic is Holiday Prep Tips.

| ONE | Sending Invites

Even though we invite only family, I like to send out snail mail invites. I usually wait for Tiny Prints or Shutterfly to give out free 10 cards, and get my invitations that way, so I'm only paying for shipping, which makes sending out invitations a low cost thing.

| TWO | Decorations

Always decorate the table a couple of days in advance. Usually my mom comes over to help me, since she always has a TON of decorations and likes doing that sort of thing. But we set the whole table up, from centerpieces to plates to napkins to place cards, that way we're not scrambling the day of trying to get the table done.

| THREE | Know Your Serve Ware

What I mean by this, you already know what food is being served, so have all of the serving platters out with little sticky notes of what food is going in what bowl or dish (in our case chaffing dish). That way if someone is helping you to put food out, you have minimal direction, as the dishes are already labeled with what you want in them. Cause we all know when food starts coming out of the kitchen, it's a mad dash to get things out and keep them hot!

| FOUR | Food Assignment

Typically in our family, the host family provides the main dish, in our case the meat, and everyone else provides the desserts, appetizers and side dishes. Before even sending out the invite, write a list out of who you want to bring what. Or a list of things you want to serve, that way people just pick from the list what they want to bring. People like being told what to bring, instead of  having to come up with something that will work for the dinner. If you want to give them a little wiggle room, assign them appetizer, or side dish, that way they have a category and can come up with something on their own, but you are still in control of what is coming to dinner.

| FIVE | Have Fun

Don't fret over the small things. If it's not done, it's not done, it's not going to ruin the holiday because rolls didn't show up. No one is going to remember that time you didn't have rolls with dinner. Have fun, and more importantly enjoy your guests instead of fretting around trying to do everything. Everyone always asks "how can I help" so let them and enjoy their company while you do, then you get to socialize while getting stuff done and your guests feel like they helped you out. Don't be the hero, it is family after all.

| Six | Food Timing

Don't forget about your timing. In our case, we need to try and get the temp of the meat closer to room temp than fridge temp. We typically will leave it out for 2 hours prior to cooking. Do the math ahead of time of when you want to eat, how long you need the meat to rest after coming out of the oven, and how long it's going to take to cook. That way morning of you know, at 10 I need to take the roast out of the fridge, at Noon I need to put the meat in the oven, etc.

| Seven | Party Timing

Have a loose plan of what you want to happen and when. My family typically runs 30 minutes late, so I sort of add that into my plans. We typically host Christmas, so we know we need to set aside some time for opening gifts. I like to have the kids open gifts as we are setting out dessert/eating it. I also know when I am trying to get dinner on the table, so I work towards that time goal.

In our case we also have to make time for Baby Fox's birthday celebration, a balloon drop is always fun for the kids.

So is a fun cake:

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Any cake ideas for this year? I had those three years planned out (literally, year one I already knew was I was going to do for the next two years) I am out of!

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