Thursday, November 8, 2018

2019 Plum Planner First Impression And Review

Hi Foxy Friends! If you have been here a while, you might know I'm obsessed with paper planners. I've been using a Franklin Covey, before planner were even a huge thing. Okay maybe not, but I've been using the Franklin for about 22 years...that's a LOT of years! This year though...I've decided to step outside of that box of mine and spread my wings and try something else. I almost feel like I am cheating on Franklin...strange I know. But it wasn't working for me any more. So I set out to find something new.

I Googled Best Paper Planners, and came across the Plum Planner. I liked the look, the price was even better and I could customize it! Yes please! I made a video, so for those that have 9 minutes and 39 seconds, watch away. For those that like to look at pictures...see below.

Alright let's get to it.

This is what it looks like. There were so many designs to choose from, but I choose Pineapples, cause they're cute.

It also lets you pick if you want a horizontal layout or a vertical layout. So many choices to pick from, they are bound to have something that you like.

I picked this one the Horizontal Layout -> Notes and Days

You could even customize those green rectangles if you knew how you wanted to use the columns. since this was my first time, I didn't know, but I could have added "Things To Do" Or "Shopping List". The blank square at the top was customizable too, you could have different things in there, quotes, Verse, Weekly Priority...etc.

I really liked the month layout too. The Franklin had lines in the squares and I don't like them telling me how big or little I can write, I want to be free.

The next part is really cool. So for all of the above it comes out to $33. Not bad right? But you can then add sections onto the back of your planner. I chose, Brain Storming (in hind sight not a good one to pick, but we'll roll with it). Cost: $4.50 extra per section (1 section is 10 pages)

Lists, cause who doesn't like a good list (I added two of these sections, one section is 10 pages), the cost to add one section was $1.25, 2 sections is $2.

And graphs, cause I am an engineer and like graph paper. I have no idea how I will use it, but I will! This was $2 for 12 pages.

So far I'm really liking it. The pages are thick, so I don't feel like I am going to rip it, and the sections added on the back are cool. There are proably 40+ things you can pick from, social media planning, budgeting, gratitude...pretty much anything you could think of is back there to help you out. And the extra cost isn't too bad either. You can add up to 80 pages. 

I'm so excited to try out my new planner next year! I've already started filling it out. If you want to know how I organize and color code my planner take a look at this post.

I got two planners, this one is for family life, the other one I am so excited about and it has a feature that I've NEVER had in a planner before, so stay tuned for that next week!

Have you bought your planner yet? Do you even use a planner?

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