Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday Attire

Hi Foxy Friends! Wow, it's been a lot of late nights trying to take advantage of Shutterfly's Cyber Monday sales..which they extended till yesterday. So I did our Christmas cards, made a whole calendar and made a 101 page book for my parents, phew! Full confession, 60% of the book was done before I started on Tuesday. Okay, back to the post. It's Vanessa's pick, so head on over to her blog, or The Blended Blog to link up your fashion posts!

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If you have been around for a while you know my love affair with tulle skirts. I've been wanting to get a full length tulle skirt and one day I just bought one, and I found it of all places on Amazon! It's way too long on me, need to cut it, I'm going to attempt it myself, but didn't have time before I took these pictures. So I think with it being a little shorter and a little steam it would get rid of the wrinkles. But I'm in love, and can't wait to wear it!

Skirt / Shirt / Heels (not that you can see them)

I love this skirt, even though Mr. is just eh about it. He thinks it's too poofy, I say, no such thing! I mean for uner $40 you can't really beat it. If you have ever wanted to get a tulle skirt, try this one. The tulle is not scratchy, it's lined on the inside, and if you're tall, this will work for you, I'm going to have to trim quite a bit.

Funny when you are wearing something so poofy, if I laid my arms down straight, it made the skirt look weird, so I'm actually holding my arms out about 6" or so....I felt like one of those dancers that don't ever put their arms down know what I'm talking about.

Let's talk about the shirt now. How perfect is it for Christmas? It didn't end up staying up, which was a disappointment. So I've ordered another shirt, but this one would also work, as it seems the other one is almost out of sizes.

Lipstick color is Lipsense Candy Cane, I have a full video on their new Holiday Collection over on my YouTube channel. Go check it out.

Here is what that other shirt looked like, it was perfect for the gala that we were going to, add chunky necklace and you have yourself a gorgeous low cost outfit.

Alright that's all I have for now. I know the prompts are done, but don't worry, we have a whole new set of prompts for you! We decided instead of doing specific things, we were going to give you a category and you can interrupt however you want. That way it gets your creative juices flowing! Speaking of creative juices, I have another outfit all planned for this skirt, so stay tune for which category will it fit into...I'm thinking December 12th, cause tulle makes me happy.

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