Friday, November 9, 2018

Hug Your Loved Ones A Little Tighter

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Usually this is where I updated you on what's been going on and what I've found around the web that interests me...but today...I couldn't not mention this. Back where I grew up was a mass shooting this week. It's shocking, it's considered one of the safest cities in the United States...

The place that the shooting was at? A place I hung out at as a high school student and college student. It was where we went to go line dancing. It wasn't a huge place but it was fun and had free cookies, and it was where we all hung out. Crazy to think, we were talking about going there last weekend, when I was home with my friends.

It does make my heart happy that the people in the Conejo Valley are rallying and coming together. Looks at the line to donate blood. There was a need and the people came. The place that is holding the blood drive, the place my sister went to high school. It's all so crazy.

Please pray for the victims and families during this incredibly awful time right now. Where to go from that? I don't normally post about current event things, but I couldn't ignore my home town, a place where many of my family still lives, they are all safe and accounted for. Hug your little ones a little tighter and even when they are annoying the heck out of you, remember it's the small things added up that makes up the bigger picture. Okay I'm starting to ramble.
Now it seems strange to go I won't, I'll end it here and catch you all up later.

Many blessings to you and yours.

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