Monday, June 24, 2019

Packing for an 8 Day Trip With Just a Carry On Luggage

Hi Foxy Friends! Last week I did an unboxing on packing cubes. I was hesitant and wasn't sure if they were really worth it, but let me tell you, worth EVERY PENNY! I decided to really put it to the test when Mr. was leaving for an 8 day business trip, and wanted to take just a carry on. Challenge accepted. This is everything he wanted to fit into his luggage.

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Yikes, I was skeptical at first, but holy cow, it worked! I got everything in there, plus we got in his running shoes which was a nice to have but not necessary. He was willing to wear his dress shoes to the gym, haha. Gotta do what you gotta do!

Here is a whole video with how I packed everything

Breakdown in pictures:

In one of the smallest cube we fit 10 pairs of underwear, 7 pairs of dress socks and 2 pairs of workout socks.

In the other small cube, we fit 3 pairs of dress socks and 4 t-shirts.

In the biggest cube we fit 1 t-shirt, 5 polos, 2 pairs of workout shorts, 1 dress shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants and two belts. Like what?! That is crazy!

Here it is all packed up. Including a pair of dress shoes and a pair of workout shoes and a toiletry Ziploc.

Holy cow, I'm a believer, everyone NEEDS TO GET SOME! I am going to try and use them for our family vacation, we're taking the bigger check on luggage, we'll see if I get to the weight limit before I fill it up, but we'll see! Our goal is to use one checked luggage and maybe one carry on roller bag for a family of 4 for a 10 day trip. Well see how it works out, stay tuned for that!

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