Tuesday, June 11, 2019

They Are Listening and It's Okay To Be Human

So this blog title has nothing to do with each other, but I'm in a rambling mood, so just go with it =) The other day, I had to go the chiropractor and Baby Fox was complaining that he didn't want to go. Mini Fox piped up and said, Coco (what she calls him), Mama does everything for us, and takes us everywhere, the least we can do is go with her. This Mama heart almost exploded, they do listen (at least girl does).

As a mom sometimes we forget that we do have to take care of ourselves too. We do everything for everyone else, play chauffeur, driving the kids to karate, piano, gymnastics, soccer/baseball, you know the list goes on.

I remember last year when Mr. had to travel for work, I was in the car on the way to my favorite gym class. The kids were complaining that they didn't want to go to the gym, I mean complaining...I got frustrated and started yelling/crying hysterically. All this happened 2 minutes into our drive. They were stunned, speechless, not sure what was happening, they both started crying hysterically. I can only imagine what we looked like as we stopped at the light. I took a deep breath, calmed down enough to explain to them that I do everything for them, forgoing the gym multiple times a week so I can get them to where the need to go and all I ask of them is to go to the gym with me one day a week so I can go to my favorite gym class. All was good by the time we reached the gym 8 minutes later, hugs were had and all forgiven. (this all happened day 1 of 6 days Mr. was gone...not a good start to the week, but we recovered and had a good rest of the week).

I say this because we try to be so perfect to everyone around us. Sometimes we forget we are not robots and we have feelings that get hurt. It's okay to show our kids that we are human. That we cry when our feelings get hurt. We make mistakes and it's okay to ask for forgiveness. We all want our kids to have a perfect childhood, but remember you're human too. It's okay to have bad days, when our emotions are all over the place. Your kids will still love you and they won't remember that one day you go upset and started yelling, even when in your head you're thinking...stop yelling, you're being ridiculous, but can't stop...we're human. It's okay. You're kids know you love them and want the best for them. They'll only remember the good times.

So go out and be less than perfect.

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