Friday, June 21, 2019

Weekly Favorites #19

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm sharing my favorites this week. Let's get started!

Baby Fox took a last minute road trip with my Dad to Vegas to drop some furniture to my brother. It was his first road trip with my dad and I think they had a blast. Not sure who had more fun. We told them to take pictures...They left about 6am.

First stop was gas around 8:30.

Breakfast at Carl's Junior.

State line, Baby Fox has one foot in California and one foot in Nevada...

They also stopped at the worlds largest themometer, but not pictures were taken there I guess? When with my brother, they went here for's shaky hands...makes pictures blurry, it's not you, it's him.

Meanwhile, Mom and I went to get our nails done and lunch. My mom is the cutest, this is the picture we sent back to my dad and Baby Fox.

They also stopped at the M&M store to pick up some goodies.
It was a quick trip, they came back early the next day, I guess Baby Fox took 2 naps on the way home, haha! When he got home he was bouncing off the walls, we took him and Mini Fox to the park for almost 2 hours, haha!

Mr. had to cut a part of a tree branch down and the kids decided to make a fort out of fort, but fort none the less. They probably spent 2 hours cutting off all of the leaves on the branches so they had sticks for their base.

All the stick, they're tying them together.

Mini Fox tying me a string ring to wear with left over string.

Finished product...color me impressed. She even had "blue" prints.

Yep it's all hollow in there.

Back side looks like a bush...

Wow, perhaps architecture is in her future.

Sunday consisted of church, because it was Father's Day they had a blessing and all of the dad's got up front, it was really sweet.

We heated the pool so we could test out our new snorkel gear, good thing because mine was damaged/I think it was used and returned. Mini Fox was so cute in her gear.

The kids swam for 5 hours, my parents came over for dinner and we had a nice time visiting and swimming. Well they watched we swam.

In other  pictures. Baby Fox started a new summer camp, he's going to do it for a total of three weeks (not consecutive) this summer. He loves it, it's at the beach, they canoe, rock climb, do archery and there is a huge play structure on the water they get to play on. Dad got a picture on the first day when they were waiting to go in.

Sad news, dropped my lunch container and cracked a lid, nothing worse than having one less lid.

Captured this girl before we woke her up, snuggling her dang cute.

Because Baby Fox's camp is about an hour round trip, we had to divde and conquer. Mr. took Mini Fox to gymnastics and decided to surprise her and take her out to dinner. This is what I got.

She was in heaven, Corner Bakery is her jam.

Meanwhile I took Baby Fox to his favorite place, In and Out.

I actually blogged this week, what?! In case you missed it, here it is:

I also did a video of my unboxing, and I'm also going to do a video on how we used the packing cubes, Mr. is going on a 8 day trip and wants to take a carry on only, we're hoping these packing cubes work! Stay tuned, hope to get that up next week, as he is leaving tomorrow, and he needs to pack still! 

Also showed you how we did our Father's Day Craft, I think it turned out pretty great, exactly how I imagined it would!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Wish me luck, me and the kids this weekend/week!

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