Friday, June 7, 2019

Weekly Favorites #17

Hi Foxy Friends! It's another Friday, woo hoo! Did anyone else think it was the longest week ever after our short week last week? I had both Monday and Friday off last week, so it was a REALLY short week, thus making this the longest week EVER! Anyway, onto my weekly favorites.

Tuesday the kids started piano lessons. They are so excited and have eagerly practiced everyday. We'll see how long that lasts, but so far they are super excited.

 Thursday took Baby Fox to Karate and he is usually the only kid at the 6pm class, which is good for him because private lesson for free? Heck ya. He's learning nunchucks for the first time.

Friday was a busy but productive day. Went and got my hair done.

I had some down time before having to go out on Friday so I sewed up all of the stuffed animals that had holes...there was a line up. I had to laugh, #momlife.

Friday night I went to a fundraiser for our school, it's called MNO and we pay a donation fee, and we get dinner drinks and fun with new friends. They have someone sponsor the food, so it was mostly profit for the kids, which is great. Got to meet a lot of new to the school Moms, meet some kinder Mom's for Mini Fox. I took exactly 1 picture, oops.

Saturday was a pretty low key day. Got to sleep in and have a lazy Saturday morning, no sports to get to, which was super nice. I had a Chiropractor appointment in the morning, then when I got home I took the kids over to baseball closing ceremonies. Let the kids bounce around in the bounce house.

They had chick-fil-a at the snack shack, but by the time we got there they were all out, so I took the kids to get some...(big sucker). We were headed to the movies, so we ate in the car at the theater since we were early. Can I tell you how thankful I am to be able to buy tickets at home, yes there is an extra fee, but worth it to not have to stress about getting seats, all of our theaters by our house have gone to assigned seating, I love it. We walked in a few minutes late (because popcorn) and our seats were waiting for us. When I bought the tickets just a few hours prior, most of the seats were available...

Did get a picture of us in the theater as the previews were already going...oh and we saw Aladdin, my most favorite Disney movie and it did not disappoint. I was worried about Will Smith as the Genie, but he did his own spin on it, and he did a fabulous job. Kudos Mr. Smith for not letting me down!

Saturday night our former nanny came over to watch the kids and we headed to LA to my Aunt and Uncle's. My Aunt won a full Prime Rib at a local grocery store,

 We decided to do Prime Rib and blind wine tasting test. It was so fun, each couple brought a bottle of wine covered and then during dinner we tasted it and gave our thoughts and rated it. It was so fun.

We don't often to get to hang out with them without the kids, it was nice.

Sunday was the laziest day EVER! We layed around and watched most of the Lord of the Rings movies while I got some crafting done. Perfect lazy Sunday.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Another busy weekend for us, Angels game, friends and Musical Theater. Happy Weekend!

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