Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Cupcakes

So this weekend, my sister and I made some cupcakes for a little Halloween parade we were throwing for my grandma. I have to add, nothing was homemade, everything was from a box or a can, we're not THAT fancy. If the box works, then why make from scratch?

Fresh out of the oven, yum (or would be, if I could eat them)

Cooled and ready for frosting

The decorations, some frosting, sprinkles and a "pastry bag". We didn't have any pastry bags, but a baggie with the corner snipped off and any pastry tip will work just as good, you really don't need all that fancy stuff. I think the ONLY advantage in using a pastry bag is that it's a little more sturdy and durable, but other then that, no difference.

First step: put frosting on cupcake

Second step: Sprinkles! Lots and lots of sprinkles, don't sprinkles just make you happy?

I'm not sure where my sister found these, most likely Homegoods or Target (her two favorite places to shop), but you can find some here or here.

Finished products, so cute and the kids LOVED them. Mostly I think she makes them for herself and the other adults, since the kids are 3 and under, haha.

Decorating cupcakes can tire a girl out...taking a break. She told me not to take a picture of her, I figured, a picture without her face in it counts as not taking a picture. Yep I just rationalized that.

Now that I told you how to make awesome cupcakes, go make them this weekend for your friends and family!