Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Season is Over...and Fun Facts Friday

With wedding season officially over, I thought I would share all the weddings I've been in. I've been in 7, 8 including my own. I was in two weddings just this summer. Both of them were planned quickly, so I ended up having to buy two bridesmaids dresses in the same month, ugh! But I was so excited to be asked to share in each of their big days. One of them I was even the Matron of Honor (who else hates that term, seem like it should only be used for old people, I'm not THAT old).

2003 - My roommate Sarah got married to her college sweetheart Matt at the church at our college

I don't have a picture of the backside, let's just say that it was NOT flattering...
think of the song "I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie"

2004 - My cousin Jessica got married just after the new year at our hometown church

2005 - I got married! In the same church my cousin got married in


2006 - My cousin Melissa got married in Santa Barbara in this cute chapel just outside of town

My sister, cousin Jessica, Me and my cousin Susie...guy lurking in background, my cousin Jimmy

2008 - My work friend, Val, got married in San Luis Obispo, at this really cute winery

2009 - My college friend, Julie (she was also a bridesmaid in my wedding) got married at her hometown church in Monrovia

2012 -  My brother, Matt, got married in the same church that my cousin and myself got married in

2012 - My best friend and college roommate, Christine got married at this cute place in San Diego


  1. wow, you look stunning in all the pictures! the dresses are so beautiful!

    want to follow each other? :)

  2. what church in monrovia?? im near to there i live in azusa

    1. It was the Immaculate Conception. You know it? Such a small world!

  3. I love all of these weddings!! You are so lucky to have been in so many. I've been in four, including my own. All the weddings of my friends are over. I think it will be another decade before my husband's friends get married!

    1. haha! I think I'm done for a while too! Phew! but I do have a few weddings to attend next year! Can't wait, I love weddings!