Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

This was the best weekend! First off I got my new camera! It's a Canon S95, it looks like this:

It's the most awesome camera EVER.PERIOD. Okay maybe not ever, but for a point and shoot it's the bomb! It takes pictures quick, even with Baby Fox running all around it captures everything, not like that other camera. So back to my weekend.


I went to get my eyebrows done, yep I need that every 3 weeks, I know right? Every three weeks, else I look like, what the Mr. lovingly refers to as "bush woman". Okay it's not that bad, but I don't get my hair done that often, so I get to splurge. Then went to the gym...ugh, but I got it out of the way. Then when I got home, played with Baby Fox for a bit before swim lessons! He's becoming a little water baby.


Some back floats

And while the teacher wasn't looking, who doesn't love a good "Dirty Dancing Water Lift"?

At the end of class he gets to run on this foam thing, it's his favorite part hands down. 

And...the big announcment? Baby Fox has graduated to Advance Parent and Me Class! Woo hoo, look out Michael Phelps, you have some competition! Okay truth be told, he'd still sink like a rock if we just threw him in, but we're getting there.

During Baby Fox's nap I made an Artichoke Cheese Dip, recipe and pictures coming tomorrow.

*truth: I forgot to upload the finished product at home, so I could write this at work, hence just the ingredient picture

Then we were off to my Aunt's house for dinner for her Mother-In-Law, Betty's, 91st birthday, yea she totally rocks at 91.

Birthday girl to the left, duh

The lady on the right, her name is Lisa, she had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in late August, she's rocking some new boobs, and is cancer free. Woo hoo to early detection, get your boobs checked people!

I like taking self portraits...get used to it...I do it all the time.

Sometimes they turn out great

Sometimes they don't

Baby Fox played with the million wine corks

 Yep, that's a skull on his shirt, he also has a skull on his jeans...daddy dressed him

Then showed off his strutting skills

 Then Mr. and Baby Fox tried to put together his portable attachable high chair...

and failed...so Mama Engineer had to come and get it done

 We didn't like this high chair, so I returned it the next day.

Then came the food, oh the glorious food...there were appetizers, but again, I was too busy eating to take pictures, must remember to take pictures next time.
Salad, with everything I'm allergic to on the side for everyone else
Bolognese Spaghetti Sauce
Roasted Chicken
I'm a bad blogger and was enjoying the food too much to actually take pictures of plated food


Baby Fox was sleeping in the same room as us, so he woke up early and saw us sleeping and thought it was time to play, he woke up 2 hours early...ugh!

Suffice to say when we left around 9:30am, Baby Fox pretty much slept the whole way home, and then took a 3.5 hour nap later in the day. We all took naps actually, it was glorious! 

I took a picture of Baby Fox eating bread, seems simple, but this is the FIRST time this has EVER HAPPENED! Seriously no joke, he hates bread. But not that night..he almost ate a whole roll, okay 2/3rds but still...

Then I took another one of these with Baby Fox. I try to get pictures of me and him together because I'm always behind the camera and want him to have pictures of me and him.

Then Mr and Baby Fox rocked the Lego world for a bit

It was an awesome weekend and am looking forward to this weekend and our Halloween party...bet you can't wait to see what we are, huh? Guess you'll have to wait.

If you made it this far, I commend you, this turned out longer then I thought. And don't forget to go vote for the us in our costume contest here! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Until next time, hope you have a great Tuesday!
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  1. Seems like it was a wonderful weekend! I love that baby Fox takes swim lessons. How old is baby Fox now? LOVE that picture of you and him, so cute! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee