Thursday, October 4, 2012

I WAS a Pattern Mixing Virgin

And no longer will I ever think that patterns can't be mixed. I found this awesome sweater at Marshal's for $11, I was super excited. I've been looking for a stripped sweater, and this one is light weight for the fall weather (at least Southern California) fall weather.I initially put the polka dot shirt with this skirt but felt that it was missing something, so I went through all of my sweaters, of course picking this one out last...and right when I put it on, I thought, this totally works.

And the best part of the whole outfit you ask? You can roll the sleeves and there is this really cute button to tie it all up, I only discovered this little gem after I got it home, there might have been squeals of delight when I found it. Perfect for the weather that is not quite cold enough to actually be wearing a long sleeved sweater and getting strange looks, but I figure it's only supposed to get to the mid 80's, so with a rolled sleeve it totally makes it acceptable, right?

After putting the outfit together and trying to figure out what was missing, I thought more color! My pendant necklace would be perfect with this outfit.

So there you go, how I lost my pattern mixing virginity

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