Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Thursday, Baby Fox and I drove up to my parents house and Friday we went to see my cousin and her kids for a weekend of scrapbooking! Yep I still do that ancient thing called scrapbooking :) But Baby Fox got some good cousin time in.

Before nap time

 We put my cousin's daughter down for he nap first, and let the boys have some boy time watching Cars, they thought they were too cool.
Later that night we wanted to get the great grand kids together for my grandma. She's really sick and we thought she would like to see all the kids together.

She loved it

Before they left they got some bedtime stories from Baby Fox's Grandpa (my dad)

Saturday I scrapbooked for 7 hours, yes, 7 hours and in those 7 hours I got 13 pages done...yikes! I have a LOT more to do, but it's a start, I'm motivated and can do the rest...right? Trying not to feel overwhelmed with how far behind I am. Just trying to focus on one thing at a time and eventually I'll get to it. My cousin and I decided we're going to try and scrapbook all day Saturday once every other month, we'll see how that goes. Saturday night we went to celebrate my Uncle's retirement, it was really fun and there were other kids for Colton to play with.

*Like I said on Friday, I forgot my camera and have no picture to show for Saturday. Darn. The picture I do have were from other people's cell phones. Mine isn't that fancy.

Sunday we saw this show, it was really amazing and worth going to! If it's coming to a neighborhood near you, go check it out. The performance of all of the dancers was beautiful and you could tell they love what they do.

 This is us waiting for the show to start.

Since we weren't allow to take pictures, I found a picture on their website to show you.
While we were there, Baby Fox was at a friends house enjoying their train sets.

He thought the train sets were so awesome that he decided he didn't need a nap and wanted to just keep playing...which led us to last night and him not even wanting to eat dinner, just wanted to sit on the couch. I got some good cuddle time in, so it wasn't that bad, plus I was really tired too and wasn't feeling up to a toddler's energy, good thing he was tired too.

Wow I look tired

It was a super busy weekend but really fun. We were all tired and I went to bed at 9:30, unheard of if you knew me. And that my friends was our weekend!

Note To Self: Don't ever forget your camera again, makes weekend updates really hard! It's like the weekend never happened!

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  1. that show sounds so cool and something i would love to check out!!