Thursday, October 8, 2020

Halloween Decorations

Hi Foxy Friends! Long time no see? I have all these ideas and I take pictures or videos and then never follow through. One day I'll have it together, but until then here are my Halloween decorations. I decorated my mantel for Easter...and then took the bunny stuff off and tried to make it Spring-ish, and then it just sat there until this weekend. Oops. I realize now how much I love having a decorated mantel so I'm going to be better and decorate it more. Okay so here's my mantel. 

But here's the process of getting there, thought I'd show you what it looks like for a good 2 hours before I finish...I thought this was bad and took a picture, but then realized after we had unpacked it all that I was missing a box...oops!

Then it turned into this...

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The candles in the hurricanes are these ones. They are remote control timer (I have these but so many more have come out since I bought them 3 years ago, like these (which are wider than what I have) or these) you can set them for 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours. It's pretty awesome to have the lights come on and not have to remember to do it. The orange string lights are also on a plug timer (similar to this one, but this one works with Alexa and Google Home, which is pretty cool, might have to switch mine out)

I had enough decorations to also fix up the piano.

The tea lights are also a timer, but they don't have a remote, it's 6 hours on, 18 hours off, so you have to turn them on at the start of when you want them on, which is sort of nice you don't have to keep track of a remote control.

I found the little skull voltive holders at Michael's the other weekend. the sticks I found at Hobby Lobby last year when they were doing their get rid of all Halloween in November. They still had tags on them. The pumpkins are from the dollar section at Target. When you are doing your garland, try to find two different textures and layer them together. Gives it more dimension and something to look at and fill the gaps in a bit.

Mini Fox decorated this all on her own. She found a bunch of left over stuff, mostly the few Fall decorations I have. Not sure where the rest of it is...hmmm...I thin she did a pretty dang good job!

Then I made this porch sign last weekend. I'm obsessed with making them. Yet again another post/video I have made, but yet to edit and put day it will happen. But I did make a Tik Tok, go like it and say hi, will make my day!

Forgot about the bats, I made them on my Circut with removable vinyl. Mini Fox kept insisting we needed more, so I kept making more...

Then I have ONE Fall thing...usually I put the leaves and stuff under it, but Mini Fox wanted them for the front table. I still like it though. Got that sign at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, it was sitting at the check out line, someone didn't want it, their trash is my treasure right?

How have you been decorating for Halloween or Fall? We aren't sure yet what we're doing for Halloween, but we did pick up some costumes at Costco, can't beat those prices, especially since we don't know if we're going out or not. What are your plans for Halloween?