Monday, June 30, 2014

Party Weekend

Most of this weekend was set getting ready for Baby Fox's half birthday party!

I took the day off Friday so I could prep, the party started at 11am on Saturday, so it basically had to be done by Friday night. But first I made an appointment to get my hair done.

Baby Fox helped me to pick out my outfit.

he looks like he's not having fun, but he really is. He loves helping me get dressed, sometimes he has better fashion sense than me. You know you're in trouble when you ask your 3 year old if something looks good.

The salon is at the gym I belong to, and I had some "gym bucks" so I decided to use them to get a much needed haircut! It was so nice, I wish I could go there every time I needed a haircut! But when I got there, they gave me juice and a hot towel.

The end result, love it! Also my first car selfie.

I headed to Costco after my appointment, can I tell you how nice it is to shop without kids? So nice!

This girl wants to eat anything and everything that we have, I'm so glad I finally got a kid who eats! Thank you! I put in my dues, I'm deserving of one that eats.

Eating some chinese food

Trying to grab my chips
Nana and Ampa came over to see the kids help set up the ez-up.

And then Baby Fox had some time to model

Nana put Mini Fox down for a nap and then I realized after changing her diaper Nana didn't put her pants back on...hmmm..intersting, but her butts up 7-up sure is cute.

Friday night consisted of decorating and making these bad boys. They were seriously the hit of the party and you should go make some! The recipe made 36 sandwich cookies, so if you just wanted 12 then 1/3 the recipe...makes it so you don't eat 36 cookies.

I'll do a full post on his birthday party this week, but here's a sneak peak.

I think he had a blast! Opening gifts, how cute is that wrapping paper? Foxes? Of course it was from one of our cousins.

Cousin #4 gave us this track! I have a love hate relationship with it. Baby Fox absolutely adores it and played with it all day yesterday, but do you see how big it is?!

Everyone winding down and getting ready for bed, long day of partying with no naps.

Sunday was really low key. My cousins left early in the morning. Mini Fox is teething so she was up earlier than normal so I took advantage and took her grocery shopping, done with grocery shopping before 9am, yes please!

We went swimming, now if Mini Fox would just look up.

She loves swimming!

Mr. got her ready for bed...every little girl needs a flower for bed right? She's trying to get on the bed cause brother was up there wrestling Daddy.

I got shot! Please ignore the clothes in the background, Mini Fox got into the donate bag and threw everything around.

All in all it was a great weekend! Can't wait for this weekend, we get to see all of my cousins again!

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What was your favorite part of this weekend?

Mine was how much Baby Fox loved all the decorations, he kept saying I love all the decorations on the wall, it's so pretty.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alleviating Toddle Bedtime Battles

Bed time, we've all been there. Sometimes Most nights goes like this (in all reality it only take 5 minutes tops and it makes him incredible happy cause he thinks he's getting away with it):

Me: Okay time for blessings and hugs
Baby Fox: Wait I have to pee, I have to pee, I have to pee
Me: (night potty training, so gotta take is seriously), Okay let's go
Baby Fox: (as 1 teaspoon of liquid comes out) See I told you I had to pee
Me: Okay, wash hands off to bed (walk back into bedroom)
Baby Fox: I need a drink, I'm thirsty
Me: One small sip
Baby Fox: Ahhhh, that was good
Me: okay one last hug
Baby Fox: Noooo, wait I need some snuggles, snuggle me Mommy
Me: (gives him a look)
Baby Fox: You're a big sucker, snuggle me
Me: Okay, but just for 1 minute.
Baby Fox: Yay!
Me: Okay I have to go, get much lunch ready for tomorrow, put Mini Fox to bed, she's hungry, do you hear her whinning out there?
Baby Fox: No, rock a bye song!
Me: Okay...(rock a bye baby...), one last hug, your sister is crying, I have to go
Baby Fox: Okay, send Daddy in...

Does this sound familiar? Here's how we deal with Bed Time Battles

Tip #1:

Start from an early age. Start everything you want to do with them at an early age. We started a bedtime routine from the get go. Granted it changes as they get older and are able to go longer stretches without food, but start from the get go. We do bath, brushing teeth a little bit of play/reading books, blessings and good night kisses. Now that Baby Fox is older, he always asks for blessings and knows that when we start the blessing part of the evening that it's time to go to bed. (We do the blessings with lights out)

I know this is supposed to be a toddler bedtime battle, but I think it really helped that we taught both of our kids to fall asleep on their own. We never rocked them to sleep, nursed them to sleep or any of those other methods. We knew from the get go we didn't want to co-sleep (in bed with us), so we wanted to make sure we put them to bed awake but sleepy. We loosely followed Baby Wise. I high suggest it. But that's for another post for another day.

Tip #2:

Decide on a time limit and stick to it. Usually I give him a minute or two to indulge in the delay tactics and then tell him firmly but lovingly that it's time to go to bed and that Mommy has to get ready for the next day. Sometimes he cries, most times he doesn't, but don't give into the crying. He usually stops crying before I make it all the way down stairs. I know he's tired, he doesn't think he's tired, but I know he'll fall asleep quickly.

Remember you're the parent, don't let them tell you how bedtime is going to go. It might take a few nights of firmness but once they realize they're not getting what they want, they usually just take what they can get.

Sometimes when I close the door, I hear him say "aw man!" But then he settles down and goes to sleep.

Tip #3:

Be consistent, I know it's hard. But if you let him do something one night but not the next, that's confusing. Probably causing more tears and longer bedtime rituals. Like if you put them to bed, walk out of the door and then they call you to come back, and you go back, they'll think that they can do this every night. We fell for this trap. That lasted about 2 weeks and then we thought, hey, once we leave, we leave, we can't go back, unless it's an emergency. I told him that once I leave I wasn't going to come back until morning. He listened and did the same thing, the first night I just went to his door and told him was time to go bed, didn't open it, but did it outside of his bedroom. It worked and he settled down.

I hope these help you! I know our bedtime is less stressful for all of us when we stick to a routine and know what to expect when.

What helps you guys with your bedtime battles?

Just cause I love when kids sleep like this:

Baby Fox way back when...

Mini Fox

You think my kids like the same sleep position? We call it Butts-up 7-up.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Can Officially Say I have Lots of Color in My Closet

In case you're new Alison decided to do a Summer Style Me and of course I jumped on board. Here's my first two outfits. Now on to the second week of outfits.

I was really bad at getting pictures this week. I wore the outfits, but things happened and I didn't get details photos of all the outfits. Maybe this week...anyway, here's the breakdown for ya.

Day 3

You know I think I need to go the Jean Jacket Anonymous (JJA), seriously, it's my new go to jacket and I wonder, what the heck did I do before I bought these 3 months ago?!

Shirt - Old Navy (on Clearance), Skirt - Loft (super mega old), Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Shoes - Nordstroms, necklace - (Stella and Dot Kimberly Necklace knockoff)

 And then Mr. took one of my prepping my outfit before the shoot began.

Day 4

Wow the camera angle makes me look like I have mega short legs...oh wait, I do. I was going for a casual look, it was my first time wearing non work out tennis shoes, I sort of love them. I think I might need to get the real thing, instead of the Target version.

I also think the rubber band around my wrist adds something to the outfit don't you?

Tee Shirt - Target,  Pants - Old Navy (Similar), Shoes - Target (On clearance right now for $11.88), Scarf - Groopdealz

 Day 5

These are my first pair of jean shorts since I was probably in Junior High...crazy right? I have no idea why I avoided them? I guess I'm khaki/white shorts type of girl? Sort of loving this whole outfit.

Shirt - Nordstroms, Shorts - Target, Sandals - Target (not available), Braclets - Forever 21 (old), Earrings - Groopdealz

Day 6

i took Baby Fox to a birthday party at a museum, and then right after we went to dinner at a friends, so I forgot to take an outfit post, but it was a pretty simple outfit.

Shirt - Target,  Shorts - Target, Shoes - Target, Purse - DSW on clearance (yes I realize it doesn't match)
Day 7

Again we went out to dinner with my family and took some quick pictures with my iPhone outside of the restaurant.

Tank - Target, Skirt - Target, Sweater - Target, Shoes - Target (not available). Talk about walking ad for Target

Gotta love the post baby new hair growth

Baby Fox wanted to pose with me

Day 8

White Tee - Target, Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy, Sweater - Nordstroms, Shoes - Toms (similar), Necklace -

Day 9

Once again I need JJA - But it was cold when I left for work, what else is a girl to do by put one her trusty JJ?

Top - Old Navy (Old), Pink Jeans - White House Black Market (old), Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Shoes - Norstroms, Belt - Target, Necklace - Groopdealz

Loving this color comb!

So excited, on Friday I'm getting my haircut, don't think I'll short, I think I just want a trim, get rid of some of these spit ends. Last time I went to get my hair cut was just before Mini Fox was born so it's been at least 10 months, it's about time right?!

How often do you get your hair cut?

Once or twice a year (if I'm lucky and remember to make an appointment. When my hair is short I go in more regular to get maintenance done, but when it's long it's easy to just forget about it)

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