Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Favorites #5

 Happy Friday Foxy Friends! We made it, seemed like this week went a little slow...but then when you look back on the weeks, it seems that it's gone by super fast...not sure how that exactly works. Anyway, onto my favorites for the week.

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Yesterday I got a hair cut, happy to finally fee like most of a human. Going to get my eyebrows done next week and I'll be all set. 

Feeling super refreshed and ready to tackle the world. It's been 7+ months since I last went. The numbers were super high here, so decided to wait it out a bit. Now to get my hair to look like this after I wash it...

As you all know, all sports have been cancelled, and we have finally gotten to go back! We went from 0 to 100 in a week, but I'm loving that this kid gets to do what they love, BASEBALL. Sorry the pictures is from so far away, because of social distancing we had to be in the outfield somewhat, so I just took pictures from there. Baby Fox is batting. Can't remember what everyone was looking at.

This girl did great, and had no complaints about the 2 hour game. My shirt can be found here. I've really been into graphic tee's lately.

She was so happy to see him after the game...he's not in to PDA what-so-ever. He tolerates it.

Don't worry Mr. wore his mask the right way, he just took it down a bit for the picture. So did Baby Fox.

Team picture at the end, we lost but just barely.

Sunday this girl got back on the horse and kept on riding. No fear this one. And they switched her to a bigger horse.

Doing some balance exercises so she can gain more confidence riding after falling.

This picture is blurry, but I love how it shows how big the horses hoof is compared to Mini Fox.

Took him to get his hair cut, he was not happy with me...can you tell? There is no smile under that mask. If looks could kill. 

Mr., my sister and I were able to get our vaccine! Woo hoo! On our way to being back to normal.

Ours was a drive up, pretty slick didn't have to even get out of the car. 

I saw these sandals and for that price I had to try them out, with free shipping and free returns, why not for under $18?! If they work out, I'm buying in the gold, so perfect for summer dresses and skirts.

Remember how I told you about my graphic tee phase? Well this tee was only $15, and thought it was super cute.

Another random purchases, was this seat cushion. I've been having issues with my tailbone and I'm thinking it's the chair I have been sitting in. So hopefully this will relieve some pain...TMI? I'll still let you know how it works out.

That's it for me this week...I've told you all I know. Hope you are all doing well, and happy Friday! We have baseball on Saturday and horseback riding Sunday and Mr. is golfing, his happy place. See you all next week! 

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Skirts and Sneakers

Hi Foxy Friends! Another outfit post for you. I thought instead of clumping in my outfit post on Friday, I would get my act together sooner, and do it on Wednesday Thursday instead :) I have been participating in a fashion IG collab #styledacrossthestates, where each week we pick an item of clothing to style. This week is our favorite sneakers. If you want to join in on the fun, use #Styledacrossthestates4 (because this is the 4th week we've done this) and like all of the others who use that hash tag.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

I love the way you can dress down a cute skirt with some tennis shoes. I love these rose gold adidas ones. I wear them all the time, and I might have them in several colors. I think I'll be pairing my skirts and dresses with tennis shoes all summer long. Or I might have to get these sandals, for under $20 and 226 4.5 star rating, I think I need to try them!

Bracelet (similar)

Sad that the necklace fell below my shirt and you can't see it fully. But it's from my friends cute shop and it's only $15.99. It's a layered necklace with one clasp, so no worrying about it getting mixed together behind your neck and then stuck in your hair.

Speaking of hair, I'm so excited I'm getting my hair done today! After months of not going because of high numbers in my area...finally getting rid of some of those greys. So next week expect slightly shorter hair and no grey hairs peaking out.

Here's me trying to pretend to be a model, and do different poses that I don't normally do. Thought I would share these with you, since I'm on over sharer of pictures sometimes.

Me trying to show off the shoes, because they are shoes, and in the grass and you couldn't see them, so I did this...didn't really work, but I'll embarrass me to show you that everyone has those horrible pictures.

This one was the wind blown look, I'm not sure how that happened, but sort of loving how my hair turned out in this one.

We can't forget the ones I tried to take pictures of my know because you can't really see them in the pictures above...not sure which I'm going to use for my post tomorrow of all of these picture you have seen, what do you think?

This one I was trying to mimick the pictures you see on any website really where they are on their toes...I think it just looks funny, like why would your feet be in this position to get a shoe shot? Hmmm...

Alright I'm out before I embarrass myself any more :) See you tomorrow for a Friday favorites!

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday Favorites #4

 Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I have today off, woo hoo! I love my off Fridays, I think I'm going to get some clothes altered...I have a stack in my closet that desperately needs altering #shortgirlproblems. Anyway, let's get on to this weeks favorites.

The last couple of weeks I've been participating in #styledacrossthestates, each week a theme is chosen and then everyone styles that thing. This week is stripes. It's like they were speaking to me, my closet is heavily striped things, so much so, that I have to force myself to not buy more stripe things! Anyway, I just got/bought this outfit yesterday, from my girl over at Sweetly Striped. She's a Mama owned small boutique that is all online and she is killing it!

This body suit was just released this week and is the softest thing you'll every wear. The body suit part is so comfortable, and that is saying a lot, I HATE body suits. Not this one, so comfy and stretchy.  Since Sweetly Striped is a small business, if you want this, you gotta get it now, sizes are limited. 

None of these links are affiliate.

Jeans (similar) / Top / Shoes / Necklace / Bracelets (these and these

My attempt to be a real model and pretend to laugh.

If you want to join in on the #styleacrossthestates DM @jessicakienbaum and @meginspiredstyle for next weeks theme!

This girl has been wanting the ice cream man to come around our neighborhood but he just never does. Yesterday was her day. I hear her running around the house trying to find me, and when she does, she screams I hear the ice cream man, let's go, let's go. I told her most likely not at our house, but low and behold he was at our park. She throws on some shoes and goes running towards the park as I grab my wallet. She's probably 40 ft away and he starts to drive away, I'm way further then that I so I give him my famous whisstle, which makes him stop his truck look over at me, while I'm signaling for him to wait for us! She was one happy camper. It was a buy 3 for $10, so of course we got 3.

Mini Fox really wanted to try and catch the sneaky Leoprachaun, she didn't succeed this year, but next year might be her year.

She has a bed, flashlight, book for him to read, and a table with some pistachio snacks on it. She wanted to catch him but not be uncomfortable. She even made him a to-go bag for the nuts, which he took on his way out of the trap.

On Sunday Mini Fox had her usual horseback lesson, only this time, she fell off her horse. She wanted to go one way, but the horse had other plans and went the other way and she fell off. Luckily she was able to maneuver in a way that she landed on her butt and her arm. It could have been so much worse. But she got right back up there and kept going. Trooper. Suffice to say I got her whatever lunch she wanted, she picked Panda Express.

Her class hatched chicks and she gets to hold them every so often, the highlight of her day.

Baby Fox started baseball practice this week, and he's so stinkin' happy. And somehow Mr. got roped into being coach even though he knows nothing about teaching a ton of it, but has never taught anyone to play. So no pictures, because you know guys, if you forget to remind them to take pictures, none get taken. Next time, I'll try to snap one. First game is Saturday, so excited!

Last and certainly not least, it was Mr.'s birthday on Monday. While we didn't get to make the fancy dinner we had hoped for (blame a new baseball schedule), we did get some yummy food and some friends(the only family we've been quarantining with) came over to help celebrate.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

I made his favorite Carrot Cake, and this weekend we're going to have that dinner that we were planning on making on Monday. We got him this golf rangefinder that he had wanted, and he was so happy and excited to use it this week.

This is a journal we add to every year for his birthday and Father's Day. See my tiktok explaining the concept. We love it, and seeing what the kids wrote back when they were 1, is a adorable.

Hope you all have a great weekend. We're going to watch Yes Day on Netflix, with Jennifer Gardner. My high school friend's daughter is one of the kids in the movie, so go support him and his family! So excited for her, this is her first big role. Happy Weekend!