Friday, May 30, 2014

Come Climb With Me

Hey did I tell you guys that we joined a new gym? It sort of makes me excited to start working out gain. Some pictures of the awesomeness of the new gym:

I am one that didn't love cycle class, but have been taking it the past two weeks and sort of loving it - picture found via their website

Seriously this is actually a picture of the pool area. Baby Fox is too short to go on the slides but in 4 inches he'll be ready to go! There are is also an indoor and outdoor lap pools.

taken by a fellow member, found via Yelp

This is the locker room, love that I don't have to bring my own towel and they have all of the necessary toiletries too, even razors and shaving cream (sidenote: I've never actually used shaving cream before, weird I know)

Image found on their website

Anyway, the main reason we really joined the club was for this:

Image found on their Facebook page
Back when we first got married Mr. and I took a rock climbing class at our local rock gym. We loved it so much that we started going to Joshua Tree to rock climb with friends

along with going to our local rock gym

But then we bought a house, had kids and haven't been back since Baby Fox was born...actually before that since pregnancy and rock climbing don't mix well. Plus there isn't really a rock gym close to use any more.

Now that this gym has a rock gym, Mr. and I are trying to do a rock climbing date once a week, we're loving it!

Join me on a climb:

Here we are all set and ready to go

Not that far off the ground, I found a good footing and hold, yep he's the only one keeping me from "hitting the ground"

A little further up

Almost there...just a little further, but gotta stop to take a picture

Made it to the top
I am no longer on the wall, Mr. is holding me up so that I could take this picture. Note to self: Don't wear dark colored shirt for climbing...chalk is everywhere!

My view from up there - this is actually a different climb than the one from above

Had to take this one over my shoulder. I was actually on a self belay (mechanical, no Mr. down below holding me up) and if you fall there is no stopping, it takes you back to the ground, so I took the picture over my shoulder so I won't fall, Mr. and I were racing up the wall. I won.

At the Top

Doesn't it make you want to go find a rock wall? Trust me I am scared of heights, so if I can do it, you can do it too! I actually was really scared of the self belay and had a tough time trusting some mechanism to lower me down...

I did take a video on my way down, but it wasn't very good, I'll try again next week.

So now that you've seen it, want to try it? It's a great workout and fun too!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

TBT: House Edition - Master Bedroom

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I figure today was a good day to do another one. We're moving on to my bedroom...

What can I saw to go along with the brown, green, and orange we're going to add the colors purple and lavendar.

I'm not even joking, this is what it looked like. More wires coming from every which way, we actually ended up just shoving all of the wires into the wall and patching the holes, so those wires are forever going to be with us...

Just showing you, well two things, how dirty the house was when we moved in and two the different color walls. For whatever reason I didn't really take a picture of the dark purple wall, other than the picture above, which was done at night and in the semi-dark.

The carpet it supposed to be white...those are just dirt specks, not part of the carpet!

Of course we primed like crazy! Our middle name was prime, we did two coats on every wall.

Yes that's right, the carpet went right into that fabulous bathroom, ew gross, carpet in the bathroom, next to the bathtub too (another post)

Painted...what color? Of course some version of brown.

New baseboards...doesn't it look so much nicer?

next up, the fireplace. Actually what happened was we were getting the carpet installed fairly soon after this and we needed to get that fireplace done, so after the guys finished our bathroom, we asked them if they could do our fireplace as well. They ordered the Travertine and had it done in a few days.

Doesn't it look great? Oh and you can see the new carpet too...guess you know when I took this picture

Next up, this door...if you look out of the door, you can see that it goes to nothing...

This looking up at that same window...not safe right?!? Well when we got quotes to fix this problem we discovered a whole host of other problems and to us we didn't think we would really use it and didn't want the maintence of it and to buy the trex cost double the price of wood but if we used the wood we'd have to treat it at least once a year and we knew we wouldn't do down it came.

We just put in a window. We decided on a picture window in the middle because we have a pretty fantastic view of the mountains. (of course I can't find one picture of our view)

So the day that they did this, we realized that the contractor we hired was installing the windows wrong and we decided to fire him..and luckily we found someone else to finish up the job and he covered everything up before a HUGE storm hit the next night!  Phew...

Doesn't it look great? So much better right? We put that paper up on the window because we lived without window dressings for 2 years, yes you read that right! 

But they were worth the wait!

A picture of us after they were finished installing the carpet. After 5 months of living on the 1st floor of our house, we were finally going to be able to move upstairs! Such an exciting day.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Enjoying the Little Things

You know what, I didn't take one outfit post this week...I had some really cute outfits on too, but by the time I remembered I needed one, it would either be dark outside or I was already in PJ's, oops.

Looking through all of my pictures I decided to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Me after my hard workout in a cycle class, my legs are like jelly here...such a great workout! And the kids were at home with Mr. and I got to go to the gym by myself, glorious!

If you're friends with me on Instagram, sorry you already saw this. Baby Fox leaned down to pick something up off the ground I said, Baby Fox, why do you have to pick up everything off of the ground, when he turns around and gives me this..."but Mommy, it's a pretty flower for you"

A little later, picking more flowers for me. He was very particular what he chose, there were some that were small and slightly dying that he passed right over and went to the nice ones.


He then said, "oh no, we left the other one back there, we have to go back" I told him that I had it and showed him, he said, add this to it.

The joy of a Cakepop from Starbucks

Since getting my iPhone, I've been sharing photos with my parents back and forth, I send them pictures like this:

and they send back pictures like this:

Love them!
I can't tell you how much I love this girl, her pigtails and tutu and kissing herself in the mirror, perfection. She stayed here for at least 5 minutes, it was hilarious.

What are the small things that you've been loving lately?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cute Pigtails That I Had to Chase her Around to Get

What a great weekend! First in case you missed it, click here for the giveaway I'm participating in, you have two weeks! You can win a pair of cute moccasins and $145! You know you want to enter.

I actually got a 4 day weekend, it was glorious! Friday Mr. decided to take the day off as well, but had a lunch meeting to go to, so it was just me and the kids. We decided to lay low in the morning and let Mini Fox get a good morning nap in.

Look who can stand

And then sit down

Proud face

While she napped we worked on a little project.

 After she woke up we headed over to Ampa and Nana's for lunch and hanging out. They're opening THE SHIRT, Baby Fox was so excited. He wore last years shirt so many times that when he started to outgrow it I went on ebay and found another one in a bigger size.

Auntie feeding Mini Fox for the first time

Daddy was a big sucker and bought Baby Fox a cookie


Mini Fox slept for 12.5 hours straight without waking up! It was glorious, although I kept waking up wonder when she was going to wake up. Finally about 6:45 I decided I was just going to pump and go to the gym. Can I tell you how glorious it was to get my workout in and take a shower and get ready at the gym all before the kids get up? It was awesome, it might have to be my new Saturday morning ritual.

Making breakfast together

Pancakes, in the shape of Mickey of course for Baby Fox!

Oatmeal for Mini Fox, I think she likes it...

Before putting Mini Fox down for a nap, Baby Fox decided that he needed to get a pacifier out of Mini Fox's crib...


Lots of playing happened

I decided that Mini Fox's hair was long enough for pigtails...cutest thing ever?

Then Mr. decided to put a tutu on her, her cuteness just got upped a level.


Then we changed her into her pj's, Mr. put her in ballerina PJ's and then put the tutu back on to complete her pj's

Sunday we had my bestie and her family and another good friend and daughter over for swimming, I think the older kids swam for 3 hours straight.

These two are about 4 months apart.

Perhaps future prom dates? I won't marry them off quite yet, hehe.


What did the fox say?

Rib dinner, yum!


Our city has a 1/2 marathon, so we went down to enjoy the festivities

They had every kids dream there, we couldn't get Baby Fox away from it

Then my parents came over for some swimming and dinner

It was such a great weekend, wish every weekend was a 4 day weekend, I could get used to that! How was your long weekend?

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