Monday, March 30, 2020

Week 2 of Quarantine Life

Hi Foxy Friends! So I cheated a little and back blogged a bit. I know, I know, not supposed to do that but, I really wanted to document this time in our lives and didn't want this post to be 5 million pictures. Instead I share 2 million with you. Haha, just kidding shouldn't be that many.

This is the first week we started distance learning with the school. Friday I picked up some  chromebooks for the kids. Our school was lending them out, so I went to the last session and asked if they had enough that I could get some too. It's nice having them each have their own device. Monday was a bit rough, trying to figure out all of the different mediums that the work was being assigned from...but each day they zoom their class and get a little instruction from the teacher.

By the end of day 1 we got it figured out and it was pretty smooth sailing the rest of the week. Our days pretty much go breakfast, school, lunch, school, park, baths, dinner. Monday Mini Fox brought Samantha with us and wanted to take some pictures of her.

Every year we take pictures with the flower fields, usually we head down to the Carlsbad Flower Fields, last year we went to our friends backyard because their backyard had a super bloom. This year we were going to head to Carlsbad again, but no can do now...I need to find some flowers...Mini Fox and I went on a little hike so I could figure out if these yellow weeds would do the job, beggars can't be choosers, haha.

She posed herself this way...actually she posed herself in all of the pictures.

Silly girl, we were on an adventure to find a really good view of the city, but didn't get far as these yellow weeks were so tall we couldn't see over any of them for the view...we didn't get very far in our hike...100 ft or so, haha.

Tuesday this girl did her hair and everything, had to snap a picture before school started.

Mr. decided to go in the spa and she joined in. I was going outside to take a picture but she was getting out, darn. But they had fun. Wish is was warm enough to go swimming in the pool, but it's not quite there yet.

Tuesday they had their first zoom meeting with some friends. Mini Fox was telling her friends she had her first loose tooth and one of the friends was giving instructions on how to pull it out. She said, wiggle it back and forth and then twist. Two seconds after she said that, Mini Fox says, my tooth came out!!! Well that was easy!

The kids were a little bummed that we weren't in school because if you loose a tooth at school the nurse has some cute bags to give the kids to hold their tooth. Mr. bought this bag for our home school, so dang cute.

We finished the night out be finishing Lord of the Rings 3.

Wednesday I took my meeting from my room because Mini Fox had her Zoom call at the same time. Can't really beat the nice view.

The kids started following this Lego challenge, and the first day was to make a derby they are racing them. This took up a good chunk of the day.

Lunch was sunflower seed butter and jelly, apples and chips.

Mr. has also always wanted a bidet...this was the perfect excuse to get one, so he ordered it pretty much at the start of this quarantine and it arrived on Wednesday and he installed it. Jury is still out if I like it or not, but him and the kids love it. BTW, this one is just the toilet seat, we used our existing we had an electrician put in a outlet on Monday, then Mr. installed the toilet seat on Wednesday. When he told me he was going to install on his own, I was thinking the whole toilet...nope just the seat.

Before school started on Thursday the kids decided to play a game of chase/throw stuffed animals at each other. This is how they got ready...

He said the neck pillow was for protection....

Of course she had to get dressed up. She's holding a bag of balls, not sure where she got the bag or the balls, but she had them. Also please note, that I never tell her how to pose, she does that on her own.

Lunch for Thursday. Yep carb filled this day, gotta let them think they have a win for one day.

Park time today, her dolls were not social distancing, she said it was okay because they live together.

Kids decided to play some baseball in the backyard, but they lost two balls over the fence, so they switched to golf.

Friday, Mini Fox's teacher set up a Fun Friday dance party, so cute.

We started playing this clippy game. Yep, see that small clothes pin? The person that is it, secretly clips it to someone's clothes then laugh when you get away with it because they are now it. I always loose at this game, I'm almost always the last person of the evening to get it...haha.

This girl discovered her warm spot in the house, she's been laying in it while doing work. She's like a puppy, or a cat.

Moved onto ST math.

Fun Friday this week, we decided to make homemade ice cream with brownies in it.

I think it turned out pretty good. The kids gave it two thumbs up.

Just as I was putting the kids down to bed, I got an email with this say on a sweater, I decided to quickly make it before our Zoom Meeting. Turned out really great, considering I put it together in less than an hour. One of the ladies is sending me a sweater so I can make it for her too.

I needed this one tonight, had a rough start to the morning and ended up going for a run to blow of steam. But it helped knowing I had this meeting later.

Saturday morning did my favorite workout class via FB live. Then she helped me make some over night waffle mix, so we could eat them on Sunday.

Here it is before going into the fridge.

We decided it was such a nice day outside to BBQ some hamburgers and eat outside, it was the first really nice day since this whole quarantine thing started.

We didn't have any lettuce or tomatoes to put on it, but did have some onions so I carmalized some onions...can I tell you how good they were? So dang good, didn't even notice the missing veggies on the burger.

Then we laid out and enjoyed the sunshine.

She decided it was too sunny, really putting her all into opening the umbrella.

She cracks me up...coincidentally she grabbed a magazine called Family Escapes...if only we could little one.

I took a nice little nap on the chair too, it was nice to relax in the backyard. Then we headed to our once a day outing to the park. This girl decided she was going to do gymnastics and try to do a handstand to bridge.

Pretty impressive.

Saturday I made some Jjajangmyeon, which is a Korean Black Bean Sauce with noodles. It's delicious. No pictures of it though, oops. Mr. thought it was so good, he's never had it before and I think I finally got it perfect. I've been trying to make it when he's traveling since I was trying out different recipes. We also watched the first Thor.

Sunday I made the waffles. This is what it looked like coming out of the fridge. 

Then you stir until smooth.

Kids thought they were just okay, not their we have a lot of waffles to get through.

Sunday after we watched a recording of our Church's Mass, we watched the real live Lion King, I love that this kid still cuddles me.

Then we headed to the park, which I forgot my phone. Then we came back showered and tried to watch the iHeart Radio Living Room concert, but our antenna wasn't cooperating with us.

We ended up watching the second movie in Thor and eating dinner. Perfect way to end week 2.

How are you all holding up being at home all the time. It feels weird to leave the house or drive at this point, as Mr. is doing all the grocery trips for us.