Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites #19

Love these two. Baby Fox insisted on helping her put her vest on.

She was so patient too.

We went to the park last night, Baby Fox wanted to ride his bike, but the hill up to the park was a little too much. When did he get so big?

There is a quarter mile loop at our park, so Baby Fox rode his bike while I got a little running in.

Afterwards we did some climbing and playing

While I was getting dinner ready she wanted to feed her baby. She put her baby in there and got the top part of her high chair, she's so cute.

She's such a girl, purse, cell phone, stroller and baby all set to go.

Baby Fox has a rock collection. He used to keep them all lined up on the  wall, but one day the gardener got rid of all of them. Baby Fox was so sad, since then he keeps his rocks in the fountain.

This one is his favorite. My brother got it for him on one of his trips.

I have today off, so I'm off to go shopping, what else is there to do? haha...not cleaning, that's for sure.

Hope all have a great weekend! See you back her on Monday!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

What I'm Watching...on Youtube

Darn it I had this whole blog post and just when I was adding my last video it deleted everything and then the stupid auto save saved and I couldn't get anything back...arg. So here it goes again.

I'm sure all of you have seen this, but love this and she is so talented!

In other Youtube stuff, here are some of the youtubers that I like to watch.

I started watching Judy from It's Judy's Life right around the time she had her twins. She vlogs everyday, I mean can you imagine? Mine would definitely be boring, get up for work in the dark, go to work, come home, work out, eat

She actually started out with a beauty channel, she has over 1 million subscribers, so she must be doing something right? I love all of her product reviews. I just recently bought 3 tubes of the Rimmel Provacalips and am loving it! It really does stay on all day. I usually wear it out with friends so I'm not constantly having to reapply lipstick throughout the night.

Another youtuber I like is Jen from Head to Toe. She does great tutorials with make-up plus she has mono-lids like I do, so it's easier to follow her tutorials. As you know I just recently bought this make-up palette and followed this tutorial exactly.

Moving onto hair, I can't wait for Mini Fox's hair to grow long enough to try some of these tutorials out.  Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles tutorials are super easy to follow and really detail oriented. I like that.

Mindy has 6 kids, and two of them are twins who also have their own channel. They just hit 1,000,000 subscribers, can you imagine being 15 and having that many followers? So crazy, but so cool that they've built a following. I don't watch everything, but some of them are pretty funny.

And one last thing before I go...I had no idea Insurgent was coming out next month, so excited!

What have you been watching lately? 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Parent Initiation + A Really Cute Outfit

Another go to outfit, although it's starting to warm up around here, and the boots are getting a little too warm to wear, sorry all of you East Coasters. I really missed Winter here. Seriously we got 1 week of it, maybe 2 at the most. Yes 2 weeks of winter, and then it went back to being!

Some Randoms

This is what our side yard looks like:

Mr. is so excited that the vine is arching over the fountain just the way he wanted it to. It smells divine out here.

Yes there is a cinder block behind the fountain, just in case it decides to fall backwards. The piece that holds it up got thrown away in the renovation. We improvised on the fly.
I think I've been initiated into parenthood. Guess what it is? Having two kids: not it, potty training a kid: not it, getting peed on: okay that is sort of one, getting kids to sleep through the night: not it...are you ready for what initiated me into real life parenthood? LICE! Yes I said that right. We got that call, the one we've always dreaded, or maybe not you, but I have. That someone at Baby Fox's school had lice! Ewww!! What did I do? I panicked and called my mom. LOL. Isn't it weird that you (okay...I) always call Mom to solve the problem...well my friends I am a Mom; there is this tiny human that is going to be calling me when things go wrong. Is it okay to just say, call Nana? Haha, just kidding. I know I'll be fine, just had to put that out there. Sorry got side tracked, then after the phone call...and we checked and everything turned out okay...I gave myself mental lice. Do you know what I mean? I kept thinking I had lice, even though we checked very thoroughly. I thought I was itchy when I wasn't. Mr. thought it was hilarious took a picture of me being nauratic.

I told you guys I would update you on my working out/dieting thing. Well I've only been doing it for a few days, so I won't report today. But I am going to tell you that Mr. asked me if I wanted to try out this diet/new way of eating. It's from a book called 4 hour body. It's a pretty amazing book with some awesome stuff in it. But the part we're doing, is literally 4 pages out of a 300+ book. Crazy right? When I figure it out a little more I'll fill ya in. But it's basically a fat burning diet. We'll see, all I know is that Saturday is our cheat day and I am so looking forward to it!

Except that I get a cheat day on Saturday and yes it's a mandatory cheat day...yes please!

Anything random happening in your life? Fill me in!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Action Packed Weekend

So I stayed up late so I can bring this post to you. You're welcome, but I'm tired, so feel sorry for me. This weekend was jam packed, but it felt like a really long weekend because we did so much, but they were all really fun things, so it just felt like a great weekend all around.


We had a BIG Friday and went to Costco...we decided to do a family trip, family trips anywhere always makes it more fun.

Hey look I took a picture in a grocery store and I wasn't standing next to the alcohol. I swear I never buy it.
 The kids LOVED when Mr. would push them really fast. You can't tell from the pictures, but they are laughing hysterically.

This doesn't really convey anything, but Mr. is kissing Baby Fox, and Mini Fox just wants to be close to Baby Fox. Baby Fox really likes coming to Costco because sister can sit right next him. When we go to the regular grocery store she gets put in a carrier and he always tells me she would rather sit next to him. So I guess that means we'll be shopping at Costco only from now on.

We got home ate dinner and had some time to watch Frozen


Busy, busy day! It started out with swim lessons for both kids. Baby Fox is doing great, he's swimming on his own, and last week went the length of the entire pool. This week he couldn't because the pool was too full of people. Although it doesn't appear that way in this picture.

 Mini Fox watching brother's swim lesson before her own, she's trying to get both feet in one sock...

Now her turn, she did great!

After swim lessons, we went home and Mini Fox went down for a nap, Baby Fox and I headed over to my parents for some lunch. We went to In and Out, yum! Then we headed back to their place to put Baby Fox down for a nap, so I could watch a movie with my mom.

In case you were wondering we watch a Hallmark Hall of Fame, love those cheesy chick flicks :)

Baby Fox woke up and was in a good mood

Meanwhile this girl was at the park with her Daddy having fun.

Saturday night Mr. and I headed out to a fun game night with friends.Before the games start, although we played this dot game, where each person got a set of sticker dots and had to put them on people without them knowing, whoever emptied their dot sheet first and had the least amount of dots won! No one trusted each other for a good 30 minutes.

I can't remember what game we played, but we lost and had to take a shot.

Break from the game playing

We played this other game where everyone got a playing card, and if you had an Ace you were the killer and if you had the King you were the Sheriff. Well the Ace won...he killed off the Sherrif and won the game, he's announcing himself as the Ace.

Pictionary up next, our team won!

So the other team had to take a shot.

And of course no game night would be complete without some flip cup...again, Mr. and I rocked at this!

So question for you guys, we're hosting the next game night, any super fun games out there I need to know about?


We did the coolest thing on Sunday afternoon. I had bought a simulation flight package on Living Social, and it was super cool. It was actually a gift to Mr. and my dad but I wanted to get in on the fun.

We got a 15 minute lesson on the controls.

The we suited up

And headed to our "fighter jets"

My Dad in his fighter jet, all ready to go.

I'm all ready to go

 We got to shoot each other down, it was awesome. I got Mr. a was awesome.

It was a super fun experience but one that I probably wouldn't want to repeat. I did get a little motion sick at times...

After we got back we got ready for some friends to come over. I know I told you super packed weekend!

Mr. made some ice cream

I made a strawberry pie (okay I bought the frozen Marie Calendars crust), but I did make the sauce and cut the strawberries.

The kids had a great time playing

Baby Fox picked out Mini Fox's outfit for the day

Before dinner we wanted to get a shot of the kids

 Mini Fox was not happy. she's not into group shots

And then dinner came...and everyone was happy. Yummy Thai food.

Happy Kids

We found out at dinner one of the families is moving away...not far, but far enough that we can't do quick play dates any more. That's okay though, we told them they were NOT getting out of our Halloween festivities.

Since one of the families is moving away, let's take a group shot! I think it turned out pretty good considering there are 12 people in it.

And that my friends is our action packed weekend! What did you do? Anything fun and exciting?

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