Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

So I've been taking a little blogging break, since the last time I posted was last Monday. I just felt like I needed a little break, and I'm feeling well rested and much better. So hopefully you'll get more then 1 post this week!

So let's get started. The biggest thing that happened this weekend?! My parents decided to move closer to us! They came down to visit to look at the apartment they're going to rent one last time and they decided to take the plunge! We're so excited to have them closer to us. I think Baby Fox is the most excited because he'll be getting more of these:

Yep that's his own little personal ice cream. We don't typically give him ice cream, only when my parents are around or when we're visiting people that have ice cream. We want it to be a special treat, and not an everyday occurrence.

Saturday morning I asked Baby Fox what he wanted for breakfast and he said pancakes. Who am I to deny the request? Especially this is practically the only true carb he'll eat. Grandpa AKA "ampa" makes the best pancakes (he used to do the pancake breakfast at church), so I asked my dad to make pancakes. He happily agreed. Baby Fox wanted to watch.

Ampa and Nana left around nap time and when Baby Fox woke up we decided to just get our weekend shopping out of the way. Went to Costco, and the grocery store. While there I decided that I wanted baked potato bar for dinner...we've never done it before, just made that our meal, but it was such a good idea, and this will definitely be part of the rotation!

This is how I made the baked potato.

Wash potato, poke holes and put in microwave for 6 minutes, flip and cook until done. For our it took another 10 minutes or so. Once cooked completely, I put canola oil, garlic powder and kosher salt and put in the toaster oven at 425°F, I put them in there probably for 20-30 minutes. There isn't really a time limit, just until your desired crispy'ness. I did flip them about 10-15 minutes later.

Mr. wanted cheese, but was too lazy to get out the shredder, so he ended up cutting it up and then put his whole potato in the microwave to melt the cheese.
 Finish product. Mr.'s looks better with all that cheesy/buttery goodness. Since I'm allergic to dairy, I went without the butter and cheese, but the yummy skin makes it just as good (at least in my head).

Sunday was another swim lesson.

We ran into my good friend from junior high. Actually I made our swim lesson for the same time so we would run into them :)

Swim Baby Fox swim!

This past swim lesson, Baby Fox has really been holding his breathe really well. He decided it was funny, when we did under water, to just lay there in a dead man's pose. Like face down, legs and arms dangling...he thought it was hilarious! Silly kid. At one point Mr. and Baby Fox were just fooling around, and I had to walk to the other side of the pool to tell them to pay attention and that they were missing the instructions. Gotta love my boys!

Sunday night was relaxing, watching movies and hanging out.

You know cause everyone "cheers" with their pizza slices

Fun, short weekend. Thankfully this week is my Friday off, so I get an extra day with Baby Fox, woo hoo! Here's to hoping this week goes by fast!

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  1. That is so nice that your parents are moving closer! Those baked potatoes look SO good and I want my own personal ice cream :)

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  2. Yum that baked potato looked absolutely amazing. YUM!

  3. ahh that is so sweet his ampa will be closer to him to make pancakes more frequently!!

  4. Food looks great... And baby fox is so adorable with all the tricks he does in the swimming pool!!! :)
    Do stop by my blog too sometime dear! :)

  5. Everyone needs a little break now and then. Yay for your parents being closer! We are moving back east, closer to both sets of grandparents this summer. We can't wait.

  6. Sounds like a good weekend! So fun that the grandparents are moving closer! We've decided to move closer to our parents (both of our parents live near each other so we are lucky that we'll be near both sides!) Baby Fox is TOO CUTE!

  7. Oh I'm glad that your parents are moving closer. It's always nice to have family close by! Baby Fox is like a swimming champ, I love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Your little guy is adorable! Beautiful family. It's always nice to have family close by.

  9. What a fun weekend! Looks like it was jam packed full of great memories :) And yay for your parents moving closer!

    Sorry I'm so late on commenting. Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!