Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Met In A Bar - Conclusion

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Okay, so the conclusion is obvious, but I thought I would just let you know this is the last of it, cause I'm nice like that.

So I sit back at my desk and can't wait hardly a minute before I email him.*

*these have been paraphrased, I lost my email account that I wrote him from and his email doesn't go back 10 years apparently, just 9

My email to him:

Hi, this is me. Thank you for lunch.

Him to me:

So I guess I'm lucky.


Yep I guess you are. Don't let it go to your head.


I'll try not to. I had a great time. Want to grab some lunch again sometime soon?

(Me - Darn it, I guess I can't lead him on any more, I have to tell him I have a boyfriend and that this can't go any further than friends. Guess I won't be hearing from him after I sent this email)


That would be great, but I do have to be honest with you and tell you that I have a boyfriend. I totally understand if you don't want to talk to me again, but just wanted to be honest with you. I enjoyed getting to know you and hope that we can remain friends and still get to know each other.

What all guys want to hear right?

(Me - I assume I will not be hearing a response after I send this.)

(Mr. - Thinking a lot of 4 letter words that shouldn't be said out loud.)

His response - was much better worded than this, but along the lines of:

I'm sorry to hear that. I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. It just means that someone saw how wonderful you are and got to you before I even had a chance. He's a lucky guy. I hope this isn't goodbye, I'd still like to get to know you, as a friend. Hope to hear from you soon.

(Me - darn it, that was not the response that I was expecting. I had been wavering with my boyfriend at the time. We just weren't a good fit, we didn't agree on anything, religion, politics, how to raise kids. He was a great guy...on paper, but I just didn't see myself with him long term any more. I think at the time I thought I didn't deserve better, but that's for a different post, and was ultimately settling. Mr. made me feel more alive and I felt the connection with him immediately. Even if he and I didn't go anywhere, I knew that I had to end things with the other guy. There was just someone else out there for me.)

I honestly can't remember my response back. But we kept emailing on friendly terms. I did in fact break up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks later, and then waited another few weeks after that before I made actual plans to meet up with Mr. again.

On a side note: Mr. also had a girlfriend at the time, someone he has also been dating for a while. He broke up with her around the same time I broke up with the other guy.

And that my friends is how we met.

Us on our Honeymoon in Bora Bora - A surprise he kept until our wedding day. Yep, that's right, I had no idea where we were going on our honeymoon until our wedding day. All I knew was that I need a passport and that I MIGHT need some bathing suites.
Time frame: We met at the end of May and our first kiss was July 10th...in a bar (I only know this because I was in a wedding 2 days later, and took a few days off with my bestie and fellow bridesmaid to blow off steam before all the wedding festivities began).

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  1. ahh what a cute story and his response to your email is amazing. that is so cute you two broke up with your other boyfriend/girlfriend around the same time. and you didn't know where you were going for your honeymoon that is sweet i wish sean had done that for me and bora bora he did good, he did good!