Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Wednesday

Baby Fox and I were visiting a friend and her daughter after work and we were having left overs for dinner. I was running a little late getting home, so I asked Mr. to re-heat everything. He knew that I was going to cook another batch of broccoli, so he thought he would help (without me asking, how sweet is that?). I could smell the broccoli when I walked into the door and said, thanks for starting the broccoli...then thought, I wonder if he cut it up...I open the lid and saw this. It was actually working, but I ended up taking it out (with a pot holder) and cutting it up so that it would cook faster. Gotta give the man credit for trying. After I took the picture Mr. said, "you're not going to post about this on your blog are you"...umm...of course not honey. =)

Onto some random things:

Looking forward to the second trimester...apparently that doesn't start till week 14...say what? I thought pregnancy was 9 months, 9 divided by 3 is 3, hence 12 weeks...oh that's right it's because pregnancy is actually 40 weeks, divided by 4 is 10 months...liars! I'm not going to count those random months with 5 weeks..that's just mean. Well played medical people, you're all liars!

Mr.'s birthday is on Friday, come back Friday and wish him a happy birthday. His work decided to be mean and make him work all weekend, and have a late meeting on his birthday, that should be illegal. Working on your birthday is bad enough, but a late work meeting on your birthday, not cool.

I realize I have three weeks before Easter, and I have a kid now so he needs an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny, plus eggs to find, so I decided anything I buy from now until then is going into his Easter basket...And what's a post without a cute picture of Baby Fox?

From last year...he had just started to really walk...he wasn't sure why we kept asking him to find eggs, but he obliged us and found them anyway...

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  1. A baby, a baby, a baby! How exciting.

    Oh the fact that he didn't cut up that brocolli is hysetical, I'm still grinning.

  2. Aw, that's so cute that he tried to start the broccoli for you... and funny! :-)

  3. yay that is so seconding a second baby fox is in its way! congrats such exciting news :-) and i love the attempt at cooking the broccoli have to give him props for trying

  4. sweet of him, and of course like all men who are sweet, his work needs some tweaking:-) But it is the thought that count! Congrats for the new baby on the way! I am the first time visitor on your blog and love your writing style! I am going to be back here soon! I hope you could visit me whenever you can! Have a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  5. So that broccoli situation is the cutest ever and I'm so glad you posted it! hahaha : ) Also, my husband had to work until 9pm on his birthday and it was terrible!! (and he went in at 7:30am ggahhh). We ended up celebrating his birthday the Saturday before since we knew that was going to happen. It wasn't the same, but it was better than nothing!! : )

  6. Hahaa I laughed at the broccoli part, but Mr. is so sweet for trying. Really. LoL
    Ugh! I'd hate that too, if Fernando had to work late on his bday >.<


  7. Love the broccoli story! So sweet. Can't believe Easter is coming up so quick. Your little man is just so cute in those pictures! They grow too stinkin' fast. Hope you are having a great day!