Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Met In a Bar - Part 1

I figured with our anniversary coming up, I'd share with you how we met.

Now my mom would say, "Sarah why can't you just tell people you met at a party? Back in my day meeting people in bars were for hussies" yes she really did say this, and no she wasn't really kidding.

But that's where we met and it's sort of great watching people's faces as they process where we met.

Like I said before we met at a bar in West Hollywood called Barney's Beanery near the end of May 2003. I was out with my girlfriends from Junior High. He had just joined a new band, yes that's right he was in a band - lead singer/song writer,  and was out with his band mates getting to know each other.

We sat at opposites sides of the booth

My group of friends started talking to his group of friends over the short partitioning wall. He was sitting on the far side and so was I, neither of us were talking to anyone. Besides just listening in on the conversations everyone else was having. My friend got up to get a drink so I went with her. When we got back with drinks, we sat with his table, as some of the guys had moved over to our table to sit next to my friends, so my friend and I sat down at Mr.'s table.

I thought Mr. was cute, but was dating someone at the time* and didn't really totally dwell on it too much. But as the night progressed I was thinking, this guy is pretty cool. We found out we were both working in the valley, I can't remember who asked who, but one of us said, we should meet up for lunch sometime. He didn't have his cell phone on I gave my cell number to his friend.

As the bar was closing down, neither group wanted to leave, but we were being kicked out. As we walked out into the cool air, wondering what next, Mr. and his friend suggest we go back to their place to hang out...since my friend and his friend were sort of digging each other (if you know what I mean), we thought we'd help a sister out and go. I was more than willing to help out.

*side note: my boyfriend and I at the time were having issues and were sort of at a cross roads in our relationship.


  1. Hahahaha... your mom's comment cracked me up. I think my mom might say the same thing, but I know SO many couples that have met in bars. I think its a generational thing. I loved reading this and am excited for part two!

  2. I love it (and your mom's comment haha)!

  3. Hahah, your mom! So cute you were making googly eyes at each other at bar. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Cute post!