Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Met In A Bar - Part 2

Part 1 here.

We left off that we were headed to Mr.'s friend's apartment. Yea I know sketchy right? But don't tell me you didn't do this too. I sort of left this part out when telling my mom the story, oops. Sorry Mom if you're reading this! We get there and we're just hanging out, beers were passed around. You know just a bunch of girls and guys hanging out. Well the friend and the other boy disappeared in the back somewhere so it was just 3 girls and 2 guys left.

Since they were a band and they knew how to play and sing, we convinced them to give us a performance. No joke, they broke out the guitars and Mr. started singing...right there in front of us, and I might have swooned a little bit. I think they did 2 songs or so? What a way to win over a girl. So Mr. comes and sits by me, we're all talking and laughing when suddenly he grabs my hand, like this isn't a big deal, I do this all the time. I blushed, and felt that giddy feeling you get when you meet someone new and you're into them and they're digging you too. You know the feeling, right?

It was getting sort of late, so we decided that we're going to leave, one of the guys is going to drive us all back, but since there are 4 of us, and his car only fits 5, we had to leave Mr. behind :( So I'm about to get in the car, and my friend looks at Mr. and he looks all sad that he can't come with, so my friend says Sarah go hug your friend, so I bound over and give him the best hug ever. We left, got home safely and I thought I would never hear from him again...

Okay so I hate when people end in a cliff hanger like that and then wait weeks and weeks to keep going, so I'll continue.

The first few days I had hoped he would call, but soon after that I forgot about him and went about my life and trying to figure out what to do with this boyfriend that I had. Fast forward 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks and I get a voice mail message from an unknown number.

"Hi this is Mr., umm....I think we met at a bar in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago. I've tried but I can't get you out of my mind, want to do lunch sometime this week? Call me back at...hope you hear from you."

Oh he's smooth...he says it like he does this all the time, and I'm just a girl he called and he couldn't really remember where he met me...uh huh.

Nervous butterflies and I try to calmly call him back...

Our first wedding together, we had been dating for 5 months


  1. Love this & your story! My boyfriend & I met in a bar also and I have learned to not care if anyone judges - it's where we happened to meet and I love it! :)

  2. Wait, wait wait.. back up the bus... the Mr. was in a band!?! How did I miss this! Is there a part 3 coming? Now I want to know about your first date. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee